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Whizz Bang Explode

Discussion in 'Primary' started by icclejen, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Helloooo
    I am hoping someone could help me become inspired! My new topic after half term is called
    Whizz, Bang, Explode and is meant to have a Science theme i.e. the kids do lots of practical hands on experiments.
    I have had one idea but don't want to spend a fortune and was wondering about doing it through CSI and turning my classroom into a bit of a Science lab maybe but don't know how to do this!
    Has anyone got any ideas of experiements I could do that have that WOW factor or any other ideas on how I could approach the topic without losing my whole half term setting up for it?!
  2. Hi,
    you don't say what age you are teaching, but I have found this to have ooooo effect:
    You will need:
    empty film cannister or similar small container with a tightly fitting lid
    blue tac
    soluble vitamin C tablets

    using the blue tac attach a quarter of a tablet into the lid of the container
    put a small amount of water in the container
    replace the lid tightly
    turn the container onto it lid on the floor (pref outside - this bit is messy) and retreat

    as the tablet dissolves it fizzes, producing glass and making the container and the lid part company at high speed with a loud bang.

    check out this site for some more ideas:

  3. email me - I have stuff worth looking at!

    gertie (at) grumbles.me.uk

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