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White Rose Maths End of Unit Assessments

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by nic_1000, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. nic_1000

    nic_1000 New commenter

    Hi. We have just started using white rose after finding Abacus wasn't giving us a realistic enough standard that is now expected. (We found it great but not half as deep as needed!)
    The problem now however , is that the White Rose with all its reasoning and mastery is completely out of the reach of most pupils and so the pupils are performing badly on many of the end of unit tests due to the advanced format and style of some of the questions! Is anyone else finding this ?
    Many thanks
  2. penhill50

    penhill50 New commenter

    No we are finding them really useful.
  3. nic_1000

    nic_1000 New commenter

    No... We are finding them useful - but what I meant was... are the children finding them a lot more challenging than what you had used with them previously ???

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