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White paper implications?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tafkam, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    It made me irate, and irritated, and stressed and annoyed... and sadly unsurprised by all of those emotions.
  2. Lots of sensible values and principles: high status of the profession; limiting paperwork; supportiong schools in dealing with poor behaviour etc. The global context is very important, as is the importance of closing the gap.
    Though much of it states the obivous- what affects the quality of learning most? Believe it or not the quality of teachers!
    I am still not sure about the strategies to achieve this- still very nebulous. I have major concerns about the dismantling of the LAs to the degree it is being done, very unsure about academies and freeschools and thnk putting so much power in the hands of individual heads could be a very grave move (and I'm saying that as a head).
    And, it's fine to give more powers to exclude, but what will 'taking more responsibility for the educaitin of excldued pupils' entail? If we have to provide home tuition the cost will be prohibitive. Not sure how curriculum freedom can be given and also prescibed- sounds confused to me- lot more detail needed here. And, what does the National curriculum as a 'rigorous benchmark against which schools can be measured' mean- same old, same old?? Mention of phonics (AGAIN!) as if we still aren't doing it properly after decades of work in schools (see the new reading test for 6 year olds and the evidence cited- no evidence at all bascally). Baccalaureate seems rather unfair to those students who want to specialise in artistic areas (my own daughter has had to drop drama for geography this year).
    Wonder how KS2 accountability will be ensured but over-testing and its effects removed. Also think it might be rather difficult to make some 16 and 17 year olds (who won't attend school at 13 and 14) carry on in education- system will cost a fortune to maintain.
    In my opinion, no evidence that freedom of academies has raised standards- so why continue with this? Changing failed schools into academies is not new and has had a mixed impact. Academy chains! (Sounds like MacDonald's to me).
    Apparently, the bill will, 'Give local authorities a strong strategic role as champions for parents, families and vulnerable pupils.' I doubt this- there will be nobody working in them.
    Getting rather fed up of all the references to 'international evidence' which takes no account of cultural context and cherry picks the political strands.
    Parents will now have access to the financial benchmarking information- no issue with that, but greater breakdowns of achievement statistics will not be well-understood by most and, like the school profiles, will be seldom visited.
    Think Ofsted needs a bit more than just to spend more time in the classroom! I can think of a number of effecitve reforms. and, they still seem to feel (like the last government) that by naming and shaming standards will improve.
    There always has been a 'floor standard'- that's not new.
    Pupil Premium may help- but it's not only children with FSM who have additional learning needs, and with limited LA services, the money may not be enough to buy in the services and support needed.
    Having said that, I'd like to see much better teacher training (as described); always thought training schools were a good idea and didn't understand why it was scrapped; pleased to see protection for teachers against malicious allegations (about time too); smaller Governing Bodies may be better; no more ring fenced grants is an improvement; no more initiatives- great but don't believe it.
    Not sure how the 'Troops to Teachers' strategy will turn out!

  3. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    How can we be a profession when we do not have a professional body to be part of as GTCE is being disbanded!!!
  4. We managed for many decades (centuries??) before it existed!

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