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Which year had the best music?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by chelsea2, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    The specials are playing my home city in a few months - it's sold out but someone at school has a couple of extra tickets and is prepared to sell me one.

    Can't wait.
  2. NoseyMatronType

    NoseyMatronType Star commenter

    And Fat White Family.

    "Serfs Up! is a lush and masterful work, lascivious and personal. Tropical, sympathetic and monumental. It invites the listener in rather than repel them through wilful abrasion. Fat White Family have broken previous default patterns of behaviour, and as such their third album heralds a new day dawning.

    Gregorian chants, jackboot glam beats, string flourishes, sophisticated and lush cocktail exotica, electro funk and the twin spirits of Alan Vega and Afrika Bambaataa punctuate the record at various junctures, while the dramatic production of Feet is as immaculately-rendered as ‘Hounds of Love’-era Kate Bush. The dirt is still there of course, but scrape it away and you’ll find a purring engine, gleaming chrome.

    Echoing within the arrangements throughout are traces of blissed-out 60s Tropicalia, Velvets/Bowie sleaze-making and star-gazing, 80s digital dancehall, David Axelrod-style easy listening, joyous Pet Shop Boys synth crescendos, acid house, post-PIL dub, metropolitan murder ballads, doom-disco and mouth-gurning, slow-mo psychedelia so by the time it comes to a close only a fool would deny that Serfs Up! is something very special. No longer is unadulterated music malevolence Fat White Family’s stock in trade; this is cultivated music for the head, the heart. For tomorrow’s unborn children.

    Where once they soundtracked a grubby Britain of vape shops, Fray Bentos dinners and blackened tin-foil, a crepuscular comedown realm stalked by Shipman, Goebbels and Mark E. Smith, Fat White Family now inhabit another cosmos entirely. Serfs Up! is the product of a band of outlaws reborn. Few but themselves could have forecast it: Fat White Family survived. Fat White Family got wise. Fat White Family got sophisticated."
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  3. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Ah excellent. Agree. Was tempted as playing two gigs here in the North West. That track comes from a super album and I also love that song from ' Arthur '
  4. Jolly_Roger15

    Jolly_Roger15 Star commenter

    It was indeed. I had to wait nearly a month for a stereo version of it, at Caton's music shop, in Slough.
  5. Shedman

    Shedman Star commenter

    Takes me back to the days of the Haverhill Youth Centre fortnightly discos Bertie!
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  6. NoseyMatronType

    NoseyMatronType Star commenter

    The Fun Boy Three album 'Waiting' is one of my all-time favourites and seriously underrated.
  7. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Blimey - I'd forgotten about the Youth Centre! I bet we attended one at the same time! I also recalled the Topeka Café - did you ever go in there? They used to serve very weak milky coffee!
  8. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Well - two great singers there - do yourself a favour and listen to it if you can find it!
    MAGAorMIGA likes this.

    MAGAorMIGA Star commenter

    Of course, as soon as I heard it I knew the song! A classic and classy ballad. Yet more evidence for 1983 - especially since I was just listening to Simple Minds' New Gold Dream album. How magnificent is that?
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  10. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Another great James Ingram song is his duet with Michael McDonald - 'Ya Moh be there' but I think that was 84 or 85.
  11. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Ah, just checked and it was actually released in 1983 - so there you go!
  12. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Same reason I didn't. Of those hundred tracks you listed I only bought two on albums at the time, and didn't like one of them that much. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was OK in my opinion, and that's it. Bowie could put out a good choon but I never got the lyrics beyond Laughing Gnome. I'm not entirely sure he got them either. :)

    Punk rock couldn't come soon enough for me.
  13. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    My comment above reads as if I had to Google the year when I was 14.....
    magic surf bus likes this.
  14. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    That may come to all of us eventually - hopefully not too soon. :)
    BertieBassett2 likes this.
  15. Aquamarina1234

    Aquamarina1234 Star commenter

  16. Shedman

    Shedman Star commenter

    Opposite the Town Hall as I recall by the laundrette and chip shop? Formica tables and plastic chairs? If that was the Topeka I remember it well if it wasn't I'm having a senior moment.
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  17. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Yes, that's the one!
  18. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    Whilst 1967 is my favourite year, here is the top 50 for the week I was 14, and, I have to say, it's not bad:

    1970 1-10.jpg 1970 1-10.jpg 1970 11-20.jpg 1970 21-30.jpg 1970 31-40.jpg 1970 41-50.jpg
  19. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    Almost impossible to answer, I'm going for 1981, it was the year I did A levels, so jam-packed with memorable life-stuff.

    I'm ignoring stuff I don't like, there was plenty I do.

    Chart stuff

    Adam & The Ants Stand And Deliver
    The Specials Ghost Town
    Soft Cell Tainted Love
    Adam & The Ants Prince Charming
    Ultravox Vienna
    Roxy Music Jealous Guy
    Adam & The Ants Antmusic
    The Human League Don't You Want Me
    Kim Wilde Kids In America
    Aneka Japanese Boy
    Altered Images Happy Birthday
    Bad Manners Can Can
    Queen & David Bowie Under Pressure
    The Police Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
    Phil Collins In The Air Tonight
    The Human League Love Action (I Believe In Love)
    Electric Light Orchestra Hold On Tight
    Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday
    Godley & Creme Under Your Thumb
    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Joan Of Arc
    Ten Pole Tudor Swords Of A Thousand Men
    The Police Invisible Sun
    Squeeze Labelled With Love
    Elvis Costello A Good Year For The Roses
    Toyah I Want To Be Free
    Depeche Mode New Life
    The Human League Open Your Heart
    Visage Fade To Grey
    UB40 One In Ten
    Bob Marley & The Wailers No Woman No Cry
    Laurie Anderson O Superman
    Depeche Mode Just Can't Get Enough


    Siouxsie and the Banshees - Juju
    Rolling Stones - Tattoo You
    The Police - Ghost in the Machine
    Human League - Dare
    Echo & the Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here
    Grace Jones - Nightclubbing
    Heaven 17 - Penthouse and Pavement
    Soft Cell - Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
    New Order - Movement
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  20. Shedman

    Shedman Star commenter

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