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Which year group is the most demanding?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by year6teacher93, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Until recently, I would have gone for Y3. I've taught in most year groups in Primary now, and found the expectations of turning little infants into mature juniors to be enough of a challenge without the added pressure of Optional SATs which seem so much harder than KS1 assessments.
    So what do people think?
  2. Until recently, I would have gone for Y3. I've taught in most year groups in Primary now, and found the expectations of turning little infants into mature juniors to be enough of a challenge without the added pressure of Optional SATs which seem so much harder than KS1 assessments.
    So what do people think?
  3. In what way do you mean demanding? In terms of the children being demanding, or the job being difficult? I wouldn't agree with Y3, in fact I find that year group one of the easiest. They're maturing yet still can be easily bribed with stickers and a simple "well done".

    It all depends on what aspect of the year group you're looking at. You could make a case for any year group.
  4. Which year group is the most demanding?
    There is no answer! I've taught early years and whilst my hours were shorter I was knackered at the end of the day. Infants are so demanding and you have a lot of prep and marking, juniors you need to know your stuff a little better, get them used to a more formal setting and the marking is more so days are longer but can be less demanding.
    It was asked of me recently 'What Year group would you give a weak teacher?' after a lot of thought I answered 'Year 4'. Anyone agree?
  5. It does sound a daft question, I suppose, and depends on your personal preference.
    However, since moving to SLT I have become aware of the incredible amount of paperwork involved in reception classes. I had assumed reception to be an easy option but talking in depth to the FS staff I was amazed by the demands of the profiles.
    I have also heard this opinion given, Years 5 and 1 also have been referred to as less demanding.

  6. I disagree, these years are laying foundations before end of key stage and are very, very important- detest that every Year 2 and (especially) Year 6 teachers are hailed as best.
  7. Year 5 not demanding!! Not at my school! I'm expected to move all the children an extra sub-level compared to everyone else so 'they have less to do in Year 6' -words of our HT and DHT! I work very hard to make sure the children are ready for Year 6, spending most of the year marking massive amounts of writing and maths work to check for any possible misconceptions that need removing before Year 6.
    In our school I think it would be Yr4 as this is seen as a 'oh well if they don't make the progress, then they will before Yr6 so it doesn't matter' by our HT (not suggesting this is the same in all schools).
    I think Year 4 is seen (by some) in Primary, as similiar to Year 8 in Secondary (from what I remember from being in secondary school anyone). Year 7 - first year so everything is new and exciting, Year 8 - not much happening, Year 9 (Used to be SATS) End of Ks3, Year 10/11 - GCSE work.
    Not sure I agree with all that but it is often what I've heard spoken at my school.
  8. I agree with above post in regards Year 5 being very important in terms of moving children on and preparing for Year 6 (having taught Year 6 I also know that in terms of academic work- Year 6 can seem very short)- so Year 5 pressure is on, but I think there is prob a case for all years being in some way more demanding than others- interesting staff room debate if you want to start an argument!
  9. I wouldn't agree that year 1 is less demanding! In year 1 you've got continuous provision and be aware of the foundation stage profile but then have to get them used to more formal setting! I am starting my second year in year 1 and there is so much I still need to improve on.
  10. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Obviously as a reception teacher I'm going to say FS but I also think Y5 is really demanding. No offence to the OP but a good Y5 teacher is vitally important for Y6 results.
    An advisor once told me to put the weakest teacher in Y3 because they can do least damage there ....not sure that I agree .......
  11. I don't mean to sit on the fence but I think they are all equally demanding and wouldn't be able to pick one that is less.
  12. I think Year 1 would be the most demanding and Rec too. I teach Y3 and have in the past have had the pressures of SAT's in Year 6. I think Year 3 is the easiest once they've settled which is easy to do (even in a challenging school where I work). I have had a lot of experience with these.
    I can't imaging having 30 little people under the age of 5 to keep on track from 9 - 3 5 days a week. Few these days can manage their own coats and PE must be a nightmare.
    Year 1 are being prepared for more structured sitting activities which is hard on your own.
    I think Rec and Year 1 teachers have the toughest job and to be honest i wouldn't know where to start. I would rather have Y6 -even in my school where they are really lippy !.
    I would love to see our Year 6 take Rec just for a week and see how they cope !. They certainly couldn't remain chained at their desks marking practise test papers while the class gets on with independent research or Page 42 from Abacus 6
  13. I think I'd be shot if my HT walked in while I was doing that!
  14. Having taught Reception for 4 years and Year 1 for 1 year i am going to say that the most physically exhausting year group are Reception.
  15. Treesa

    Treesa New commenter

    Having taught every age group over the past 15 years I would have to say that every age group has different demands and there is not one more demanding than another! More preparation required in FS/KS1 - more marking in KS2. As for putting a "weaker" teacher in Y4, then I must be a weak teacher at the moment as my HT has asked me to go to Y4 this year..... Hmmm not sure I would agree, but maybe he isn't telling me something!
  16. I'll let you know at the end of the year! So far I've taught R,1,2,and 3 and in September will have 5 and 6 so there's only yr 4 to go and I'll have a full set! Certainly I found Reception the hardest, there is simply SO much paperwork these days! and to date I've enjoyed teaching the yr 3's the most, I would agree they are becoming more independent yet can still be motivated by smiles and stickers! So in that respect, perhaps they are the "easiest" Yr 3 used to be the "sink class" where you put the weakest teachers but I think these days there is so much pressure on ALL teachers to move children on, achieve targets etc etc that there is little room in any year group for a poorer performer!
  17. Well, like some others have pointed out, different yr grps have different demands.
    I would say Yr R, Yr 2 and Yr 6 are probably the most demanding because they have the added pressure of officially reporting results at the end of the year. This has implications throughout the year, such as SIP interference, SATs practice/booster sessions (maybe) and for FS and Yr2 lots of extra record keeping, moderation meetings and advisor visits.
    From experience, for the least demanding yr grp I would have to say yr 4.

  18. Interesting thread!
    I have to agree that any year group could be argued to be the most demanding! I think it actually depends on the teacher. Sadly, I know teachers who let most of us down - eg a year 1 teacher who is in at 830 and out at 330, taking nothing home, all prep is given to the LSA. I am sure that that particular teacher would find the marking of a higher year group very demanding! I could go on with other examples, however in terms of the most demanding, for me, they all are. Yes, demanding in different ways, but, as I am sure most of you do, I always go out of my way to plan, prepare, teach and mark lessons to enthuse the particular children in my class, therefore, for me, any class is demanding!
  19. Oh well, good job Y6 doesn't work in your school then could be very messy !!!. The only KS 2 teacher, No in fact the ONLY teacher i have known who can walk out carrying nothing more than a jacket and a lunch box !!
  20. sjk17

    sjk17 New commenter

    I find this talk of where we put a weak teacher horrifying. A weak teacher should be stacking shelves in Tesco and not in any schools.

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