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Which year group do you find the most challenging group to teach?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by scienceteacher11, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. scienceteacher11

    scienceteacher11 New commenter

    Pretty bummed, my timetable has changed not teaching year 7 anymore, they were my favourite..now have much more ks4.
  2. Henriettawasp

    Henriettawasp New commenter

    Ditto. Quite sad as I like teaching Year 7. They arrive with a fresh start to school. All the other year groups - even if you haven't taught them before - come to you with a history (good or bad!).
    I suppose Year 9 are notoriously awkward (too old to be juniors, not quite mature enough for seniors) - although I have had some lovely Year 9 classes in the past.
  3. In my experience its been Year 8, although I have had some pretty rotten Year 9 classes. Year 9s at at that sort of age where they have some maturity but think they don't need to listen to adults.

    Year 8s have no maturity and think they don't need to listen to adults. The Year 8s at my last school were by far the worst and I had the Year 8 form from HELL.

    In my new school they start BTEC in Year 9, so I'm hoping that despite the attitudes they'll be a little more interested because they chose to do it. Not raising my hopes though.
  4. Agree year 8+9! It's the silliness that grates. Don't mind 7s, particularly - dare I say it - if they're brightish. I ADORE KS4. Key Stage 5 can be a dream so long as they're not too bitchy and weren't the golden students who are suddenly falling from grace. A good KS5 class in my experience makes the year, a bad one can break it!
  5. Yea 8 are the worst in my mind. They are still silly and childish but they think they're all big and hard now because they aren't the youngest anymore. Plus all the girls are starting to get into make up and boys and stuff.
    Year 7 I always seem to get bottom set (because I'm a bit of a cow to them) and they are generally fine as long as you keep on top of them.
    Year 9 can go either way really but generally OK
    Year 10 need a lot of pre-GCSE stamping on to train them into shape
    Year 11 are fine if you've done as above in Year 10!
    Year 12 are a nightmare up until about Easter because they don't know how to work at the level that AS exams require.
    Year 13 are generally lovely.
  6. Year 12 - lazy, expect you to shout and when you don't think is fine not to work and then blame you when they don't get the same grade at AS as they did at GCSE.
  7. Actually, I find Yr11 a little awkward, but similar to above it's more because they're lazy. There was no 6th form at my last school, and they went on study leave in May. Once we got to January all motivation disappeared and they just couldn't be bothered any more. I absolutely adored my Yr11 class, they were fun to teach and there was a wonderful mix of personalities, but they needed sitting on to revise and finish their coursework. They were a nightmare! But behaviour wise, they were lovely..

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