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which way forward to a career with children doing art and play?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Janelaneplane, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. I am an artist and love working with children which I have done in the past in art workshops at museums and galleries and holiday clubs, but I would like to be able to get a long term job working with children and have been considering applying for a PGDE in early years ( I live in Glasgow) with a view to becoming a nursery teacher.

    Howveer several memebers of my family who have been or are working as teachers currently have advised me against becoming a primary teacher and think I would be more suited to teaching assistant work or play work because my strengths lie in talking to children, spending time with them and doing hands on creative activities which they dont they I would really get to do as the nursery teacher.

    However I am a little confused as to which way to go- I have a degree in fine Art and good GCSES before this, but Im not sure an NVQ would be challenging enough for me if it is aimed at school leavers with C grade minimum. This is not to say that those students are not intelligent, I dont believe that intelligence can be measured by school grades only and infact find alot of testing and marking a complex subject im not sure about...

    Basically what qualifications do I need to become a teaching assistant? If anyone knows anything about the Scottish system in particular that would be great as I have just moved here.

    Are there any teaching assistants out there who wished they had done an Early years pgce/de instead of NVQ and had more flexibility with roles they could take on?

    What are the good things about being a teaching assistant and once you get a job are there opportunities to progress?

    sorry for the long message!

    Many Thanks

  2. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    Not sure about Scotland but you will not spend your time doing art or craft stuff. Have you thought about Art Therapy? TA work does not pay very well so you need to factor that in. Experience counts more that specific qualifications. You would need to ask in the local area what TA qualifications they look for.

    You could volunteer at some local schools to get a feel for the job.
  3. Thank you for your reply! I have met a teacher recently who said she will try to sort out some work experience for me in the new school year. I just need to get my PVG sorted. I currently nanny as well and find children so inspiring and interesting to be around. Im a little wary of Art Therapy as its so expensive to train in things these days and work for art therapists is not guaranteed, I am already a struggling business as an artist I dont think I can be 2!....

    I think I would ideally like to be doing creative things perhaps with children with special needs. I just need to work out what course will be a good investment in terms of getting a rewarding and reliable job. Ok pay and maternity leave in there would be good too. Cafe work is not so good for this....

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