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Which VLE provider do you use?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by andim, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Can anyone comment?
  2. Think low response is possibly that many schools still havent got one yet. LAs offer advice think many look at Becta advice list first. Have heard Sherston are developing a good primary one but not sure
  3. Have you asked on ICT?
    Type learning platforms into search on here and youll find some threads too
  4. I work in County Durham and they have developed their own.

    It will link the VLE, portal spaces for staff and pupils, all secure e-mail, homepage for school etc....

    I have gone down this route.

    We use SIMS and we'll get an extra server so that SIMS can be accessed from any machine - admin manager thrilled that she'll be able to work on budget at home without any interruptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    £2.50 per year per user.
  5. Thank you for your thoughts on this so far. I did not ask this question in ICT as it is not an ICT question, every teacher and child should be using a VLE (or at least thinking about how they are going to in the near future). I did not want an ICT sort of reply I want to know how primary teachers are using it in their classroom and what they think of the supplier.
  6. Our LA trawled the market and decided on Uniservity. All the schools in the LA have signed up to it. I find it fairly easy to set up profiles and pages, although it is easy to forget some of the intricacies of it if you don't use is regularly. The children find it fairly easy to use.
  7. Thanks, still wanting to hear from class teachers about their use.
  8. Hi we use fronter at my school in devonshire, each class has their own page within it making it like a small class website, there are opportunities to do tests, pose questions in forums for the chn to answer at home and in school and to set up learning pages for chn to follow at home and in school. There is lots more that we can do with fronter but yet haven't - our school is completing the ICT mark at present and it is a major part of the success criteria.
  9. sorry, its devonshire primary school blackpool
  10. Hi there,

    I'm a developer at My Learning UK Ltd.
    We provide a Primary VLE specifically designed for primary schools.
    I won't try to sell it to you but it has a huge array of features for creating, not only storing resources and is also 2.50 per user. Please do visit the video tour showing the product in action without lots of hype.Alternatively, just search Google for "VLE providers for primary schools".
  11. I am a moodle enthusiast and supporter. All schools in my LEA can have a moodle - free - and lots of support from the LEA team. I support schools independently, now I am no longer teaching, with work on their moodle or INSET for staff - or just email help.
    My own school's moodle won an award a few years ago. All year groups had their own area; all children used it daily; it was an important part of their day to day learning.I'm sure it still is, as the staff had embraced it wholeheartedly.
    Now I have retired from teaching, I still support schools with moodle and have set up a model one, which I am happy to let people look at, to see what is possible. (Most VLEs are impossible to access unless you work at the school)
    Email me if you want a look .... gertie@grumbles.me.uk ... or look at my website ... www,grumbles.me.uk
  12. Blackpool is in Lancs - why on earth are you paying for Fronter when CLEO provide and support free Moodles? What a waste of money!!!
  13. I work at a sch in Essex and am looking for a reasonably priced VLE to replace e-folio. Am trying to decide between mylearning and db primary. Does anyone have any experience of either (positive or negative) please?
  14. I work in a school in Yorkshire. We had previously tried to use Fronter but found this complicated. We are now using DB Primary and it is much more user friendly. We have only been using it just over half a term though so still lots to learn and integration into lessons isn't complete.
  15. I'm rolling out Frog at the moment. As with any new technology, the kids are very enthusiastic but the staff might take slightly longer to get into the groove:)
  16. Boffin_not

    Boffin_not New commenter

    I'm in London Borough of Havering and use Fronter. I think most if not all schools in London use this MLE. We keep all our planning and smarl lessons on there. I have a class page that contains some prepared pages and links to current topics. I also upload homework on there (no excuses about the dog eating it!). Must admit that I have found it relatively easy to use and have uploaded video clips and a photo album. I like the security of knowing only my children can access it.
  17. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    We use Fronter.
  18. We have Fronter too, but it's been languishing over the last year or so. How's your usage?
  19. Would recommend My Learning unequivocably. Sorry that's misspelt! It's been designed from the ground up for Primary schools and has easy integration of resources (I believe that Sherston and Purple Mash are already in there?). I'm afraid the school I am at now does not have ML but would swap to it without hesitation!

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