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Which Uni? Reading or Chi?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by ktlg, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have been offered a D&T GTP place with Reading and Chi University. I now need to choose one by next week. Anyone got any useful knowledge of either course that can help me decide?
  2. jek228

    jek228 New commenter

    Hi, sorry this is not an answer to your question, more advice. I had an interview for English GTP at Chi and was put as first reserve. They took 4 through although then they had not received allocations from TDA. I have had an e-mail from the co-ordinator a few weeks ago saying she really was hoping for extra English places and then I would be in. I have not had any contact since and I believe they now have their alllocations. It is really frustrating, my school have also e-mailed to see what is happening. What contact have you had from Chi and have they confirmed place numbers to you etc? Sorry to be so intrusive, but I am at breaking point now with the not knowing!
  3. Hi,
    I know that the uni's have def got their allocation, as I asked about this at my Reading interview. I was told this on the 10th of feb.
    As far as my experience went, 2 days after my interview I was told that I had got into the next stage via email. I then received a letter, to confirm that at some point I will receive another letter telling me when they are coming into my school to watch me teach. So in theory they are still in the middle of the interview process. There may be a chance that after they watch some people teach, they may not take them through. So that may open up some places. Have a look at the stuff on their website about the school visit. It may not do any harm to email them again?
    I need to get back to Reading very soon and Chi have yet to come in and watch me teach. Thus the rush to decide. Do I take Reading who have offered me a place straight up? Or turn them down and risk Chi saying no at the last hurdle?

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