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Which travel system? First time mum to be and confused.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ilovetheweekend, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. No idea what to buy,did nt realise there were so many options!
    I like icandy but whats the difference between them all and they are so expensive. I ve also looked at a teutonia but it may be a bit heavy. I just don't know where to start so need your help.
    I'll do alot of walking and/or go on the bus so it can't be too heavy
    Forwards and backwards facing.
    Suitable from birth+
    I don't know what else to take account of when I resume my search after my 20 wk scan. Any ideas?

  2. No idea what to buy,did nt realise there were so many options!
    I like icandy but whats the difference between them all and they are so expensive. I ve also looked at a teutonia but it may be a bit heavy. I just don't know where to start so need your help.
    I'll do alot of walking and/or go on the bus so it can't be too heavy
    Forwards and backwards facing.
    Suitable from birth+
    I don't know what else to take account of when I resume my search after my 20 wk scan. Any ideas?

  3. It is really hard to choose. I kind of wish I had spent a bit less as I use the slings all the time.
    If you walk a lot over rough ground etc, a 3-wheeler would be best. If you are on public transport a lot you need something all in one,,, My pushchair is in stroller mode but you have to take the seat off the pram to fold it, but I don't really use the bus so it doesn't matter.

    I like ones which you can have them facing you or forwards,
  4. dilly_84

    dilly_84 New commenter

    Bonjour bump buddy!

    I have gone for one of these because basically it's practical, light, packs up small, and we got it really cheap in the sale! You can easily make it front or rear facing by just pressing a clip either side, turning it round, and then putting it back into the slots again. I live on an island and I see many people walking round the cliffs/on way to the beach etc in them so they must be quite robust. It's also one of those ones where you can clip a carrycot into it for when the bean it tiddly (the carrycot was free in the sale as a package) you can then convert it to a pram or you can clip the car seat into it. I had a bit of a walk round the shop with it and it's seems easy to handle.

    Hope that helps!
    Dilly x
  5. Thanks ladies
    Hey BB. How are you doing? Wow thats is cheap and it covers my needs! Although not in the sale now but im sure they will have another one. I wont be doing much over rough terrain, mostly around town.
    I also plan to get a sling, gosh another thing I need to investigate. I need a baby fairy to sort it all out for me
    Anyone got an icandy or teutonia? Is it worth the money?
  6. I have an Icandy Cherry which I love- lightweight etc and I walk every single day. Downsides though- my LO has already outgrown the carrycot (she is giant!) at 11 weeks but isn't supposed to go in the buggy seat until 6 months! Also, to fold it you need to take the seat off the chassis which wouldn't be much use for you on a bus!
  7. Thanks ladybug, guess the cherry (it was my favourite) is out of the running although when ive been on a bus, ive as yet not seen anyone fold down their pushchair. Knowing my luck i'll be the first! Think I need to learn to drive asap. What are you using for your daughter whilst she is growing into the buggy seat or does she fit it already?
  8. I wouldn't bother with the pushchair and would get a sling! Our LO has been out in the pushchair a grand total of twice in almost 8 weeks - I just take her in the sling whenever we going anywhere and she loves it!
  9. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    Can't help with this one ILTW! My SIL's lending me hers and I can't remember what it's called! However, am intending to sling as much as I can!
  10. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I've got an icandy apple, the 3 wheeler one, and my 19 month old son still uses it all the time. I really like it - the carry cot bit was great, really comfortable for him, it has a good basket underneath, the handle extends which is great for my 6 foot tall husband. It fitted into the back of my Polo, and I now have a Zafira and it fits in without having to collapse.
    Also, i'm expecting no. 2 at the end of April and I can convert it to a Pear, so have a carry cot and seat!
  11. I've just moved her into the buggy seat although I am wary of having her in there too long as it doesn't lie completely flat which isn't good for her little back. So it's buggy seat for walks and cot for naps instead of the pram (this isn't going down too well!). She does really like it though as she can sit up and see what's going on.
    I love my cherry but it's really a pram for people who only walk straight from their house or have a big car. I have a Toyota Aygo so the chassis squeezes in the boot and the seat/ carrycot goes on one side of the back seat, baby in car seat on the other side and me and OH in the front. Good job we can't afford to go on holiday- can't fit any luggage in!
  12. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My apple is bigger and i live in a 2nd floor flat and had a 3 door Polo until my son was 17 months old! The pram lives in the car at all times. It used to be a real mission going out, but as soon as my son was confident at walking he was walking up and down the stairs to the flat!
    We go out a lot, and walk a lot. We tend to get the train more than drive as the station is up the road and we get free travel due to my husband's job.
  13. We've got a Teutonia Mistral S and I've got to say I love it. Haven't had it out yet, as LO is still waiting to make her appearance but it's ready and waiting to go. We keep pushing it round the apartment as love playing with it. What sold me on the Teutonia, was the idea that it is quite compact compared to some other systems, but still seems very robust if you want something a bit more sporty. The biggest selling point was the soft carrybag that you can use rather than a fixed bassinet. We live on the third floor and so I can picture myself having to carry LO up in it quite a lot if she falls asleep while we are out and aboutand this was defintiely the most lighweight option. Finally, I also like the fact that you can custom design the buggy how you like, choosing the colour of the hood, bag, seat, seatbar etc, which made it a bit more fun for me! Where we live we are usually out and about on foot, or using public transport, so how it fits in to a car wasn't a big consideration for us.
  14. I've got an iCandy Peach and I love, love, love it! We live basically in the city centre and use it everyday. Never tried it on a bus though. My LO is off the centile chart for height and can still fit in the carrycot at 15 weeks, and has always been really contented in it. It has a very small turning circle (handy for lifts and other tight spots) and handles like a dream. Carry cot also doubled as a bed earlier on as LO grew out of moses basket quickly. I agonised about it but am so pleased with it - it really is a question of priorities - if you know you will get a lot of use out of it it's worth buying a more expensive or sturdy one. If not don't bother with anything too expensive. Oh, and OH is really tall and doesn't look like he is pushing a toy pram! It fits in my dinky Skoda Fabia.
    Deciding on the baby chariot was the most involved purchase of my life - I didn't spend so long looking for a house!

  15. Our iCandy Apple is fantastic for so many reasons, it has been a great purchase, but I cannot imagine using it if I regularly travelled by bus! To collapse it down you have to remove the carrycot/pushchair then collapse the chassis (brilliant if you use a car though!). It's not possible if you had baby in one arm... I think you might be better suited with a buggy you can collapse with one hand/foot... I believe you can buy one suitable from birth but don't quote me on that.
  16. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    I have the iCandy peach and love it! I chose it as it's so easy to collapse and I love the carrycot. I walk everyday with the LO but I haven't tried the bus. Goes well into the car. OH is very tall and lots of the ones we tried would have given him a bad back. I haven't tried the pushchair bit as LO is only 6 weeks.
  17. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    I would definitely have a look round the shops first, John Lewis and Mothercare are good with knowledgable staff, then buy online. I got my Quinny Buzz 3 on ebay for half rpcie, it was hardly used, as new with a brand new maxi cosi car seat in its wrapper and all accessories including carrycot, for £420 including postage instead of over £800. I chose it as I needed something that folds quite small to fit in my small boot, wanted to be able to clip car seat on frame, loved the carrycot and the colour is lush! (Mocha brown with turquoise trim). It also can be forward or backward facing and collapses in one forward facing as a pushchair, but LO is still in the carrycot at 8lb11oz so haven't tried it yet. Only complaints are the swivel wheel at the front can stick a bit and the shopping basket is too smalll, but that's all!
  18. I really only logged on to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    But while I'm here I might as well add my say........
    We bought the M&P Ultima and when I first bought it I thought it was amazing. Six months on and I am sitting on the fence a bit.
    The chassis seems to have worked itself loose. We have been back with it twice and they haven't really done much about it. The other down side is that it is big. I have a Vectra and it fits easily into my boot but I have to detach the carrycot first. I believe that when I get to using the seat it will fold on the chassis. Of course big can be a good thing. I have been without a car several times over the last month and I am so glad of the nice cosy pram for LO. At six months old (but on the small side) he still fits easily into the carrycot and I love it for walking about in the village. I also really like it because it looks like a traditional pram.
    Pros- Great raincover, best I've ever seen. Both seat and carrycot suitable from birth. Carrycot can be used overnight. Good suspension (XCel chassis). Easy to fold and put up.
    Cons- It's big.
  19. Thanks (for the congrats and the tips) MrsD. It took a long time but I finally did it. Im almost 19 weeks so im edging to the half way mark. Scan next friday, can't wait.
    Well did nt think picking and buying a pushchair would be so blimin hard. I have decided that being able to collapse easily is nt a biggie because no one on the buses ive been on has had to collapse theirs due to lack of space and if the driver ask me i'll just get the next bus that has more space (i hope!)
    Think I need a trip to john lewis one sunday and test out some pushchairs. I did go to bristol M+P but i've never been in such a busy shop full of stressed out mums and mums to be. Mental is an understatement.
    Thanks everyone. x
  20. Agreed!

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