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Which term do you think is the easiest?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by greta444, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    Spring term is the easiest. You have a decent run of weeks to do some good teaching without Christmas or sports taking over. The days are getting longer which gives us all hope. The kids are settled in but not yet stupid before they leave for high school.
  2. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Spring Term is easiest. It tends to be shorter. You have 2 weeks off to look forward to all the way through, and the weather is getting better all the time. It's not too hot in the classroom. (I hate the summer term!)
  3. August. I prefer months to terms. [​IMG]
    However I agree with most - It's Spring.
    However there is still a heavy workload - usually PM mid reviews, IEPs, Parents Evenings, Pupil Progress Meetings ...( endless list)
    I find Summer stressful as the weather is nice so you don't want to sit in during the evenings and mark a load of books. Your own children love to be out so you supervise them on the front with their friends, whereas when the weather is awful they can be looked after inside ( and maybe you can guiltily mark books whilst they play). There's the end of year accountability - reports to write, lesson obs, handing in ALL planning, work scrutiny, moderation exercises, leavers palys (Y6), performance management meetings, sports days (weekend) , in my village we have a community day at the weekend too, plus once you have done your reports and assessments ( how long do they take to mark and then to moderate!?) you start to worry where you are the year after...
    Just a few thoughts [​IMG]
    I still wouldn't do another job though!

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