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which supply agency?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by runkpocker, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. How do you choose which and how many supply agencies to sign up with?
  2. How do you choose which and how many supply agencies to sign up with?
  3. Find one that does portabilty on a crb so you don't pay for loads. i Have signed with six agencies and work for two in reality... It is not just the name the consultant makes the difference,
  4. ..agreed. the consultant makes all the difference. IMO most agencies are simply a waste of time. They all do the same thing and the competition amongst them is fierce.
    ...they all seem very open/honest and professional at first but once you are out on bookings (and thas a BIG if) their attitude towards you dramatically changes.
    ...go with your gut feelings, as I say, they are all pretty much the same and dont believe any of them when they say they are different.....because they are NOT!!! I have dealt with many agencies and TBH its very hard to distinguish between them. Maybe, as I have done in the past, go to agencies via referrals from friends/colleagues
    ...watch out for agencies smiling nicely and asking you to do CS work.
    ...dont entertain any internships whatsoever...i.e. free/vountary work
    ...ask for crbs to be ported so that you dont have to pay for a new one
  5. Make sure your daily rate is clear. I find all the agencies are calling with work, then after I have said yes and received all the details they say there's just one thing - the school has an agreed daily rate or refuses to pay above an amount which is usually at least £20 less than my daily rate.

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