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Which Smart Board to buy

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by salg73, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. salg73

    salg73 New commenter

    I've used both Promethean and Smartboard - and prefer Smartboard for ease of use particularly with staff who are not ICT literate (I've trained staff on their use)
    In terms of which Smartboard - they all work really well so its what you can afford especially if you want 3 boards. They do have a dual touch board out but I've not used it. Talk to a rep - they are usually pretty helpful in my experience.
    Hope it helps!

  2. Have you considered e-beam.
    It allows to use any white board or surface as an interactive whiteboard and they are a much cheaper alternative.
  3. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    If there are other smart boards in your school, get the same sort. then sharing ideas will be more sensible and if you end up in a colleagues room you'll be able to plug in.
    I was changed from Smart to promethean a few years ago.
    Avoid the orange Promethean short throw projectors. The bulbs work at full output for about 10 minutes, then you get a dim image that can only be seen in a black hole.
    Smart menus and options are easier to use. Half the features on Promethean are really well hidden. If you're a scientist,Promethean is really bad at doing superscripts, subscripts and arrows.
    Promethean text always goes to what you used last rather than a sensible default of 28pt. This can be irritating.
    There are no helpfiles on my laptop or the school network.
    The web has a little useful stuff on how to improve with promethean.
    Conclude - "he doesn't like Promethean much" Correct
    It could be so good - but it feels as if they stopped writing the software 90% of the way through to ship it fast.
    If you already have Smart - stick with it.
  4. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    I believe the company may have some financing problems as well.
  5. Scifihel

    Scifihel New commenter

    We have eno boards - you can use them interactively, write on them with whiteboard markers and they are magnetic. They are really versatile and don't need dedicated software like Smartboard and Promethean.

    I have really enjoyed using mine this year.

  6. Hi
    I use Smartboards, which are amazingly easy to use..would highly recommend them!
    However, if anyone does have Promethean our school is currently selling 32 Activote pads and 2 brand new wireless slates...if anyone is interested please let me know Leanne24983@hotmail.com

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