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Which school musical would you recommend?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by miss googoo, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. As long as you don't want to use the real 'Wizard of Oz' script or songs from the film/stage musical of the same name, you can stay nicely within performing rights law. However, a script adapted from the original book would be fine since this is no longer within copyright. You'll have to write your own songs, though! [​IMG]
  2. Hi, would you mind sending me the Wizard of Oz script? I'm having real trouble getting a script that isnt going to cost an arm and a leg!



    My email is fionamcfarlane20@tiscali.co.uk
  3. That's because in order to do so, you'll have to break the law. If your school hasn't got the funds to afford performing rights/licenses for a particular show, don't do it. Choose something else. There are so many shows out there written specifically for schools that are far more affordable (see this thread for some links to useful sites).
  4. I was hoping to do Oliver! or Joseph this year - anyone know where I get get scripts, music and performance licence?

  5. There is an absolute minefield that needs to be waded through when it comes to wanting to adapt something yourself. There has already been a lot of negative commenting on this thread about rights, costs, etc ... The thing you have to remember is that if you want to do something that is in copyright, you must be prepared to pay for it.
    There are certainly some good suggestions that have already been made about musicals on this thread, but some that I have found good over the last few years are from Josef Weinberger (www.josef-weinberger.com). These include the following:
    Broadway Junior and G2K - these are adaptations of the full-length shows (including Oklahoma, Guys & Dolls, Fiddler on the Roof) that are available in a kit form for a one-off payment. Providing you do them on school premises, there is nothing further to pay. These kits come will all the porinted materials and very high quality backing CDs which has been a blessing as we do not have the access to musicians all the time.
    There are also some other good shows that we have done in the past by Peter Rose and Anne Conlon. The ones we have done are Yanomamo and Ocean Worls and I gather that there is a new show of theirs called One Sun One World that will be available later this year.
    For our smaller kids we have used things from A&C Black and French before but for value and well-known shows, we have gone for the Weinberger shows!
  6. Don't suppose you could email a copy of the script for Wizard of Oz? Have been hunting for suitable script to possibly use with year 6 in June.
  7. Have you tried andrew_lloyd_webber@gmail.com? He might have one knocking around that he could send you. Might cost you though!
  8. can you still do the colours - it was red and yellow and grren and brown and.....
  9. Wow! I didn't know that... I had to do Blood Brothers for my GCSE (or A Level - I forget!) Drama performance exam!

    On another note... I have written a play for my Brownies to do at Easter, we're charging their parents £2.50 admission so that we can raise funds to take the girls on a trip... Am I breaking any laws here? I've written it myself and it's basically a flashback to the Easter Story... I thought of adding a couple of songs at the end but I'm scared of breaking the law now! Do the same rules apply for religious songs?
  10. I know these posts were a while ago but did anyone have any luck with the Wizard of Oz script? Would you be willing to share? ;)
  11. I am interested in putting on Wizard of Oz - could you email me it to alisonplush@hotmail.com

    Thank you
  12. melaniestannard

    melaniestannard New commenter

    Would it be possible to get the script and score to Mary Poppibs from you?
    We’ve been trying to get a good script of The Lion King to put on but nothing so far.
    And Mar Poppinssounds fab of you still have it.
  13. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    we did a Roald Dahl version of Snow White and the Seven (jockeys) which was published with music. We did enjoy it with a few adaptations to shorten it, although the music was not all great.

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