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Which school musical would you recommend?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by miss googoo, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Thinking a little ahead here, but i'm looking for a musical for year 6 to do at the end of the year. Has anyone ever bought a good script and package with music and backing tracks etc that they would recommend? In the past we have done 'Peace Child' and 'The Rocky Monster Show'.

  2. I adapted The Wizard of Oz for the y5/6 summer production with professional backing tracks. I have the script if you would like a copy? The backing tracks were from Quality Backing tracks on the internet and cost about £10. They are GREAT quality!


  3. When considering advice from the previous poster, please bear in mind that if you do this, you will be in violation of performing rights law and could face an enormous fine if caught. One of the conditions of doing a show such as The Wizard of Oz is that it is performed according to the original script, without amendments, alterations or additions. The rights have to be purchased from the rights holders (this is either Weinberger or MusicScope depending on which version you intend to perform. You should also check whether the amateur performing rights are currently available at all, given that it is coming back to the West End in the near future.
    Too many teachers create 'their own versions' of these major productions, denying the composers, authors and publishers of their rightful income. It is this behaviour that will reduce the amount of new shows being written and jeopardise the future of theatre nationally.
  4. purplepixie

    purplepixie New commenter

    And I have the script and score for Mary Poppins if you'd like it! Enormous fun, the boys dressed in drag to be suffragettes... [​IMG] They rather stole the show.
  5. If you've done the Rocky Monster Show then you'll know about Musicline Productions. There are loads of excellent shows on there - I recommend anything by Craig Hawes.
  6. 'on there'? I mean on their website.
  7. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

  8. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

  9. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

  10. Hi there,

    I did The Rocky Monster show last year and loved it! I also did a musical called School Daze by Edgy Productions which wasn't that expensive and was really effective. It was nice to have that as part of the year 6 leaving programme. Its a set of funny scenes about school and has some really catchy songs, my particular favourite was, The Nits Blues. I have just bought in Sherazade to do with my Year 4,5 & 6 drama club this year and it looks fav. I got it from Starshine Musicals and the thing I liked was the cost. It cost my £35 for the directors pack which includes everything, even a pupil script to photocopy and the performance licence worked our at £57 for 3 shows. Really impressed with this company, we had everything within 2 days. I have also performed Hoodwinked with this age, was a good storyline but the music wasn't that catchy.

    Hope this helps.
  11. This is less a reply that..er... another related question. Does anyone know a KS2ish version of Joseph with good music? Or another play that would be good to do with an Egyptian topic?
    Any ideas would be fantastic..
  12. Hello,

    This is less a reply than ...er ... another related question. does anyone know a version of Joseph that I can perform with kids. Or another play that would be good to do for an Egyptian topic?


  13. In response to my post and the reply from clarinetguy.... i am heavily involved in the theatre and i know the ins and outs of copyright and performance rights.

    Primary schools are of no exception to the rule, but as we all are aware, there is a clause in most performance rights in relation to school performances that if you do not 'sell' tickets for profit or to pay towards costing of putting the show on .. then you are expempt.

    In other words... if you have a raffel or suggest families to pay for the wine, tea, coffee etc... then make it a 'contributional offer'.

    Regarding yoru last paragraph and comment of .... '
    Too many teachers create 'their own versions' of these major productions, denying the composers, authors and publishers of their rightful income. It is this behaviour that will reduce the amount of new shows being written and jeopardise the future of theatre nationally.'...

    is it not more beneficial, in relation to the request or friendly chat of the tes site, to be more positive and find ways around things in order for the schools AND the children to benefit. Of course you are correct in discussing copyrights, and how this can sometimes backfire, but maybe offer other suggestions?
  14. Just thought I'd jump in on this one too... we are all aware of copyright rules and of course, we should give playwrights etc their due, but I am in agreement with cyfoster ....
    if we don't encourage youngsters to take part in the whole process of writing, practicing and performing productions, we won't have any future playwrights,publishers, producers etc to be claiming their copyright dues and making the theatre of the future...
    Surely we're talking about school productions here, that give the children their first taste taste of theatre... let them enjoy it!
  15. Please don't 'have a go' at clarinet guy, he is only trying to point out the truth and warn people that the potential fines for breaking copyright can be <u>enormous.</u> I am sure he feels, as we all do, that the licence fees should be different for schools - which are not in the game of trying to make a profit. It is a disgrace how much is charged by some companies and a relief that some of the more modern writers have taken the lead set many years ago when Joseph and his ...... was written in charging very reasonable fees for schools.
    However, we have been putting on musicals for the past 17 years and have managed to do so while paying proper licence fees. Apart from musicals specifically written for schools, some of the traditional ones now have shortened versions which use the original music.
  16. Joseph is very hard to do - we did it a few years ago and you have to have live music no backing tracks in order to get the license ( which is quite expensive ) but if you have a piano player in your staff then i would recommend it. We did 'The Pyramid' a few years back which was ok but not brilliant.
    I would defintiely recommend "The Piper" musical by Debbie Campbell ( available from Out of the Ark ) we did that in Year 6 last year and it was brilliant. It comes with the script and cd with tracks and backing tracks. It was only about &pound;30 and it comes with the performance license.
  17. I'd love it if I could! <u>darshijacob@hotmail.com</u>
  18. pkw


    Kingsbury Creations (visit website - script extracts and songs to view) Wind in the Willows is delightful - we did it with 90, y3-y8s as a school production last year. Great fun to do and very successful. Rehearsal CDs, Production CDs and band parts are all available too.

  19. Percy Parker' Flying Bath Tub
    This is a great new muscial produced by Scholastic. I had the pleasure of doing some freelance work on this musical so was able to read some of the scripts and teacher resources, and listen to the music. It is an extremely fun musical with wonderful, catchy, memorable music, professionally recorded (as rehearsal tracks with voices or backing tracks); entertaining scripts and characters that are easy to relate to.
    Percy Parker is a school caretaker that invents a time travelling bath tub and he, his mother and some pupils from the school travel back in time to different periods of history (Tudors to 20th century / Ancient Hisotry & Invaders).
    Individual periods of history can be focussed upon within a simple class assembly, tying into what is being taught in the curriculum or alternatively, all / a range of different periods of history can be performed as a school production.
    I am looking forward to producing the musical myself at our school and can thoroughyl recommend it!
    If you are interested, I know that it is being introduced at the Scholastic stand at the BETT show in January. There is going to be a live performance at the show so you'll get a chance to hear some of the songs and scripts there.
  20. nkperry

    nkperry New commenter

    We used Scheherazade from Starshine musicals for our KS2 production last year. It was brilliant! Acting roles for Year 6 and pleanty of scope for involving other year groups in individual scenes, songs and dances. Your imagination can run riot with scenery and costumes too.


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