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Which practicals/demos do you wish you new about sooner??

Discussion in 'Science' started by tjholland1, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. tjholland1

    tjholland1 New commenter

    I am preparing an afternoon workshop for ITT science students. Due to the course provider they do not spend any practical investigations in labs.

    Can anyone recommend any that they wish they'd known sooner. Either ones the students really enjoy or really help the understanding of a topic. Or things they think all science teachers should have in their toolbox.

    Cheers Tom
  2. wrbdb

    wrbdb New commenter

    Acetone and Polystyrene
    Methane Rockets
    Methane Bubbles
    Burning Iron Wool
    Potassium Permanganate and Glycerol
    Sodium Acetate - super saturated solution
    Whoosh Bottle
    Rainbow Fizz
    PVA and Borax (Slime)
    Diffusion of conc. ammonia and conc. hydrochloric
    Blue Bottle
    Cartesian Diver
    barium hydroxide and ammonium chloride

    ...and probably a lot more that don't currently come to mind.
  3. wrbdb

    wrbdb New commenter

    ...and then I wait another few minutes and these come to mind...

    Iodine clock
    Electrolysis of NaCl in a U-tube
    Diffusion of lead nitrate and potassium iodide in a petri dish
    Hydrogen peroxide (elephants toothpaste)
    Magic Pen Chromatography (one of the best)
  4. Goat2

    Goat2 New commenter

    Aluminium powder plus sodium hydroxide
    Screaming jelly baby
    Potassium ferrricyanide,phenolthalien in agar to demo rusting Works within ten minutes especially of nail is stressed. Doesn't if zinc coated nail has a notch in it made by sawing half way through.
    SAPS rapid plants indeed most of their Bio experiments.

    Check out CLEAPSS experiment booklet and do be aware that most of these are fun but come with RISK

    An ITT provider with no practical! Change provider there are plenty of us out there!!

    One I wish I had known about so as not to try exploding a small (hence I am still able to write this!) volume of acetylene and oxygen

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