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Which new spec have you chosen and why?

Discussion in 'Geography' started by cb324, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. cb324

    cb324 Occasional commenter

    Hi guys,

    I am currently in the hunt for which new spec to choose. We are currently on AQA spec A for the old spec and as of now seem to be moving into the new spec with AQA. I have just been sent a brochure from OCR which has now tempted me.

    I'm interested to hear what other specs people have chosen and why.
  2. Geoteach0027

    Geoteach0027 New commenter

    We are currently AQA B. Moving to OCR A- main reasons are-
    More maths based which pupils at my school are better with (paper 3 worth more)
    Question style is more accesible.
    Layout of paper- clear sections on OCR- AQA takes a good min or 2 to find the section pupils will need to do ie 1 from section a, 2 from b
  3. cb324

    cb324 Occasional commenter

    Is anybody else able to chip on this?

    My pupils have just completed their first WJEC unit 1 exam the other day and they told me they felt quite prepared and the questions were straight forward to understand. However I have been looking on the internet and pupils completing edexcel and aqa said the wording of the exams were quite difficult to understand. I'm seriously thinking of asking my new school to put my new gcse groups into WJEC/Eduqas rather than the AQA they have been doing with their year 11's. I really like the support and the only thing i didnt like was having to complete 2 pieces of coursework which has now gone so that should free up some time.

    Anyone looked at the new wjec/eduqas stuff? Anyone chose it? WJEC always seem to be the least popular choice.
  4. freckle06

    freckle06 Lead commenter

    I've gone for Edexcel B. I liked the enquiry based approach of key questions, which suits my preferred style of teaching and how I plan KS3. The exam questions are difficult, there's no denying that, however the mark scheme is very clear on how to get the marks. The online support is fantastic with suggestions for planning over 2 or 3 years and topic guides that are very clear on what the students need to know. I previously taught AQA B and whilst I really liked the topics, we felt the mark scheme was hard to interpret to enable mid ability students to achieve the highest grades. Whilst I'm not entirely sure about paper 3 year, I'm going on a course in the next few weeks which will hopefully help with that.
  5. cailinrua77

    cailinrua77 New commenter

    I'm also planning
    For Sept and a new board. With the new arrangements we have to go with CCEA :-( #stress Anyone out there teaching CCEA GEOG?

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