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Which new core ict qualification?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by mattbazza, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. mattbazza

    mattbazza New commenter

    Hi, after some advice on new direction for dept given loads of change re ocr nationals.

    Before 2008 previous ict head did ccea shortcourse ict in year 10, one period a week. Good successs rate.

    2008/2009 i started. Introduced optional ict through ocr nationals. Class of 20 year 10s started at least 2 gcse course, Started then 120 year 9 students with ocr nationals unit 1.

    2009/2010. All 20 year 11s finished course successfully, three year 10 classes totalling 60 students started 3 gcse course, 60 other core year 10 students finished their 1 gcse ocr with unit 20. 120 year 10 started ocr nationals with unit 1.

    2010/2011 all 120 year 11s finished courses successfully. Two year 10 classes totalling 50 students did 3 gcses. 70 other core year 10 students finished their 1 gcse ocr with unit 21. 120 year 10 students started 2010 ocr nationals with unit 21.

    2011/2011. Most of year 11 likely to be succesful. No optional ict due to 2010 spec changes. 120 core year 10s doing second unit of new ocr. These students will now be given lesons in year 11 also so might get one gcse on three units of 2010 spec.

    Problem is year 9. Started 120 students last month with 2010 spec unit 21, was going to do this in year 9, unit 1 in year 10, possibly unit 2 in year 11 for brighter more motivated students. Other to get half gcse with 2 finished units. This cohort is very keen as all seem to be in year 9, normally accomplish alot as it is currently their only gcse. They did unit 21 research to a very high standard in four hour long lessons.

    Now I see that the results of this spec course will not count towards league tables, ocr advises with new 2012 spec course to start with 2010 spec unit 1. Want to offer optional ict (just one gcse, no longer greedy) with also providing some sort if countable ict qualification in 100 glh of years 9, 10, 11 core ict.

    Option students would get 1 hour a week in year 9, 3 1/2 in year 10, 3 1/2 in year 11.

    Also offer aqa business gcse as another option. Ps conputing gcse is not an option. Other teacher could not teach.

    thanks for reading, any ideas welcomed. Need to meet with deputy about curriculum changes for year 9, dont want this year to waste time on unit 21 if cannot use later. Cheers!

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