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Which Musical Futures project to start with?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Nellypenell, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    I would really love your help as I am embarking on MF style teaching for the first time ever this year.
    I am confused about year 7 really. I would like them to work in groups of 5-6 but don't know if I should do a 'Halloween' type group composition for baseline assessmetn or to try 'The Passsenger'? Or maybe some of you have other suggestions; I would be grateful for any replies.
    Thank you
  2. I tried MF style stuff with a few classes last year with the help of the local music service and it worked well. My students are quite challenging and we had each group start with Grenade by Bruno Mars. Can be really simple i.e. 2 notes, or a bit more complicated - great for differentiation. A few groups complained that we picked the song etc so they moved onto something else which was fine. One quote I remember from a group saying to another class who were about to start the project was "listen to miss and her suggestions, her song choices usually work best!" which was really nice!
    The better the class, the more creative they were in terms of picking their own songs and then having the perseverance to stick with it. (Year 8 by the way)
    I am not an expert at all but my classes on the whole loved it and they produced some really good stuff. Although actually the first few lessons we did as a whole class. They had all picked their groups and instruments but then we had bass guitars in one corner, elec. in another area, singers together etc and performed it as a whole class and showed them the basics. That worked well with the more difficult classes. Hope my unstructured ramblings have been of some help...not ready for tomorrow!!
  3. Thank you,
    I have looked at the Grenade resources on here and will try it - nothing to lose!
    Thank you so much for your 'ramblings' - the only thing that worries me is that, due to space, i have set up 4 'band' areas rather than instrument specific areas.. I can change this but may have to try it like this to start with.. really stressed now and really thankful tomorrow is INSET!

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