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Which locations offer the best opportunity to save money?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ChaiLattePlease, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. ChaiLattePlease

    ChaiLattePlease New commenter

    My primary motivation for going abroad its that I want to experience life somewhere other than the UK. Second to that (only just) is that I want to save some money (or tbh to pay off my debts).

    I don't want to go out drinking, shopping or partying, but I do want a decent standard of living such as nice food, things to do etc. I am married with no kids.

    Where offers the best combo of those things?

    There are some old threads on this topic, but I'd love to hear some up-to-date information, especially as it seems like UAE salaries are declining of late.
  2. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    I can only speak for Thailand at the moment, however, if you get a job at one of the good schools here you can easily save up to 2000 quid a month and have a good life with holidays to the beach and eating out in Thai places plus the odd splash out in a 5 star hotel thrown in. Because of the silly billy Brexiteer mob back in the UK the pound is worth next to nothing so its quids in for everyone....except, perhaps, Boris.

    A tout a half term.

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  3. ejclibrarian

    ejclibrarian Established commenter Community helper

    We put around 2500 month in savings but still have a reasonable amount left over to spend on things. Living costs are low here. Accommodation is paid for and bills are cheap. Internet is stupidly fast so that costs a bit more but it's worth it. Taiwan is a good jumping off point for travelling in Asia and also to Oz if you fancy heading down that way. I'm married with no kids.
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  4. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    Indeed, sorry I forgot to mention. Mrs T and I both teach so we are lucky enough to be able to save considerably more. My quote is for a relatively young mainscale single teacher.

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  5. aflinc

    aflinc New commenter

    As you mention pay as one of the main reasons, check out places in the Middle East. In terms of Pay and package it is right up there. Many schools pay your accommodation, bills, flights, health insurance, travel allowance etc. There are better places in the World in terms of travel opportunities though if you are coming from the UK, and I would do some serious research on any ME country you look at.
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  6. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Everywhere i have worked i have saved a minimum of £1000 a month, and lived an amazing life. If its money and lifestyle you are after then just look anywhere but western europe. Depending on where you are looking, it really is possible to be taking home $100 000 a year, plus having a pile of benefits paid on top. For a great life and savings i would look towards south east asia, some great schools in that part of the world. Look at IB schools, they seem to pay a lot more than British schools.
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  7. ChaiLattePlease

    ChaiLattePlease New commenter

    Thanks everyone! I’m going to look into those!
  8. makhnovite

    makhnovite Established commenter

    'Look at IB schools, they seem to pay a lot more than British schools.'

    Schools have to pay what the market demands, if they want to recruit good teachers. There are three schools where I work; an American School, a British School and us, they are all the same size, they have similar clients, and they all charge the same fees. They all pay the same going rate for this country/region, and they all have the same benefits package. Their may be small differences in some things; e.g. bi-annual flights or annual, Bupa or Allianz, but otherwise economics determines the pay and the package.

    So what makes some countries/regions more attractive than others? That brings us on to the non-price determinants of demand: fashion/trends, attractiveness of the country/region, culture in same, opportunities for travel, opportunities for saving, tax regime, lifestyle similar to the UK, lifestyle different to the UK, closeness to the UK, ditasnce from the UK etc etc

    Sorry to be all economics teacher but then I am an economics teacher!

    N.B. In the end it depends on you and what you are looking for. Everything on here is an opinion born of expectation and experience, what is good for one of us may NOT be good for you!
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  9. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    "Look at IB schools, they seem to pay a lot more than British schools"

    Actually makhnovite I have worked at three IB schools and they all paid more than their equivalent British ones in the same city. When taken together with the lack of duties, payment for extra curricular activities and civilised working hours they kind of show the British schools up for what they are. Throwbacks to the1950's.

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  10. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    This is exactly my experience too, thats why i wrote what i did...also, everyone that worked at these British schools always seemed desperate to get into the IB schools. They would always apply for every job that came up.
  11. 34knockatthedoor

    34knockatthedoor New commenter

    What is this IB curriculum all about? The students have to write an extended essay don't they or something? I'd like to try and get into one then if the pay is a lot more and the working conditions are better. I work too many hours at my current school really although it's a bit of a breeze too. I can't argue with the job though as well.....
  12. Jessaki

    Jessaki Occasional commenter

    I can second that. I now work in a IB only school, the pay is double what I received at a British School (the last one was UK rate, but tax free and the other a school in the UK). Though I am in Europe and have taxes to pay and don´t have an accommodation allowance, I still earn more after tax than in my tax free job and I can still save over 1000EUR per month with a nice standard of living. With all the added benefits of paid curricular activities, paying into a pension scheme, proper sick pay and health care benefits etc...
  13. Alldone

    Alldone Senior commenter

    Another day, another new name for Musik... ?
  14. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Nahhh...he's had that name for at least three days now - must be about time for a new one! (I wonder if he just trades them in once the ashtray is full?)
  15. Alldone

    Alldone Senior commenter

    Sorry to correct you, but he has made a slight change of name. It was 34knockthedoor a few days ago, he's now made a cunning change to 34knockatthedoor. It's very sad that I notice these things!
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  16. blue451

    blue451 Lead commenter

    I've worked at various international schools in various countries, including three IB schools. One was excellent, treated staff well, paid well, very professional all round. One was good, paid well but was starting to make more demands on staff in terms of duties during and after the school day and was increasing fees for staff children. The third was very average at best and maybe even a bit dodgy in terms of pay and conditions. Similarly I've worked at a couple of british curriculum schools which were very well run and treated staff very well.

    So excuse me if I just don't buy this "IB schools better, UK-curric schools worse" kind of generalisation that's frequently peddled here.
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  17. karel

    karel Occasional commenter

    I agree with blue451 about making generalizations. I’ve worked in only IB schools for the past 22 years in 5 different countries. Some of them have been very good, paid very well, professionally run etc, but by all means not all of them. I would say that the American schools tend to pay more and have better benefits available that other schools in the same city or location. Some of these American schools do the IB Prigrammes and some don’t.
  18. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    The assumption was that IB schools pay better in the same city than British schools... NOT, which curriculum is better
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  19. karel

    karel Occasional commenter

    Certainly that’s true in some places, my currently location being one of them. But I also know of a couple of places where it isn’t the case.
  20. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    I would be interested to know where?

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