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Which Literacy schemes/resources?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gogglehead, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. gogglehead

    gogglehead New commenter

    My partner has been given NO resources for teaching literacy, I am looking for something that works and he needs it quickly...

    Should we buy http://www.teacher-of-literacy.com/ OR click teaching OR Classworks?

    He has a Y5 class. If he doesn't have something helpful soon, I fear for his wellbeing.
    Please leave me some tips x
  2. gogglehead

    gogglehead New commenter

    Please, please reply. x
  3. He should speak to his Literacy co-ordinator and ask for guidance. There is plenty of "off the shelf" stuff around and that could be really useful as a short term measure. The thing to avoid at all costs would be to go in with nothing at all planned. And he should at least know what the class have already done, no need to repeat stuff.
  4. gogglehead

    gogglehead New commenter

    No one has given him anything. He will go in as ever, well prepared and teach brilliantly but the ouding over planning in exactly the way the head wants is killing him. He is not allowed to submit Hamilton Trust materials with annotations
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    If his head is insisting on planning being done in a specific way buying off the peg solutions isn't really the answer perhaps he should speak to his union
  6. gogglehead

    gogglehead New commenter

    I am trying to get him to appraoch his union but I think I am dealing with a very stressed and depressed person who just needs SOMETHING tonight. He says he will speak to the head in the morning and explain that he can't plan in that way and since his joining the team in Sept most children have improved and he has sorted out almst all behavioural issues. He is not given any management time by the way.
    I am so worried he will just flip and resign. We can't afford it. I am in a state and just need something to help him plan tonight. I will just subscribe to all of them tonight if necessary. We were arguing into the early hours because his job is robbing us of any quality time at home as he is utterly wound up. I am sick of crying and worrying
  7. I went through a wobble with Literacy planning just after my NQT year and was given very little support at school. I found trying to come up with amazing ideas from scratch very streeful and time consuming, so have been there. I remember trying Y5 100 Literacy Lessons (Scholastic) with a helpful CD of printable resources, Hamilton Trust and Literacy Matters websites. All have their benefits and can be adapted for his class in such a way that nobody would know they came from their unless they'd used them themselves! I certainly wouldn't print and annotate plans from anywhere else because it wouldn't look good or suit his class. He should ideally use the preferred planning format of his school/LA and then adapt plans while injecting a bit of excitement into them.
  8. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    Can he not just use Hamilton Trust to give him ideas and change it so it doesn't look like its come straight from Hamilton Trust? Use the school's Literacy planning format and just copy in the bits he needs? If he edits it a bit, there's no reason for the Head to even know the plans come from Hamilton Trust.
  9. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    Also, what is his focus in Literacy at the moment? Have taught Year 5 in 2 different schools, may have something he can use if I did the same kind of unit!
  10. I can't quite work out what is happening here. The OP has posted similar threads in three different places. She has referred to her boyfriend as being an experienced teacher, having turned his team around and all seem impressed with his teaching.
    I'm aware that people get stressed in this job - we've all probably been there at some time. However, I just find it quite odd that the boyfriend now needs plans immediately, this minute, or else he will crack (the phrase from another thread from the same poster I think).
    To be quite honest, I don't think I've ever been given any resources for literacy (there begs another question in our hamster wheel life) but what has he been doing for the last term. Why has this all suddenly become so panic-stricken? If the boyfriend really is in this state, then it sounds as if he should be seeing the doctor and taking some time off for stress rather then trying to pick up plans and amend them for his own use in a few hours before Monday (guaranteed to stress anyone out).
  11. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    I always found cutting and pasting, then changing the font and adding colour was a great help!
    Just follow the school format, identify the parts of whatever plan you use as your starting point that meet the needs of your class, add activities for those parts that don't
  12. gogglehead

    gogglehead New commenter

    Thank you Jumping starfish - I have emailed you. To others - it's complicated and I am just trying to help him, if you don't have anything kind to say - don't bother.
  13. gogglehead

    gogglehead New commenter

    Thanks Carrie - he is a bit calmer and seems open to the suggestions of using clicteaching schemes and merging it into the head's ridiculour plannig format. It's been a hard day, I appreciate your help x
  14. If that's a reference to my comment, then it is unjustified. I was not unkind but simply said that I found the amount of threads, and the tone in which they were written, slightly strange. In fact I offered some advice.
    However, on your own admission, your boyfriend has been there since September and in a reasonably senior position, albeit with no management time (as you said). If he is in that much of a state, then I would stand by my advice which is involve the doctor. Or else the union.
  15. gogglehead

    gogglehead New commenter

    Apologies Irulun - I have taken him t the Docs, I suspect his iron levels are low. He is not himself, he has no energy, is still working far, far too many hours. He has made a huge improvement to the place already and still it is not enough.
  16. I did Y5 last year, if you post the current topic I might have something useful
  17. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    and I do 5/6 so might be able to help too!

    No job is worth all the anguish and stress he seems to be under at the moment. He needs to find as many short cuts as he can until he feels he is getting on top of everything, then he can concentrate on planning from scratch, for now he needs to adapt and alter!!
  18. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I also don't understand how someone who has taken on a leadership role in KS2 and is an experienced teacher, is also in a year group where they have nothing at all from previous posts and no idea where to find it.

    The help from here will be great in the short term and might get him over this weekend, but it will not help in the long term.

    Hamilton trust plans are fine as a starting point, as are 100 framework lessons. But neither will give fantastic lessons just as they are. What do other staff at school use/have? What about colleagues from previous schools?

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