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Which GCSE exam board?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by deut, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. deut

    deut New commenter

    AQA Specification B. I do unit 2 (life issues) and unit 3 (morality). Really popular with students and staff. Lots of resources available.It works well for a whole school cohort and ties in with PSHE.
  2. fm1981

    fm1981 New commenter

    hi...hehe..i seem to favour my own spec ALOT -AQA rocks. We do Spec B unit 5. 'Religious Expression through Society' I really can't explain how passionate and enthusiastic about unit 5 i am. It really is the best from all the specs that i ve done over the past two years (iv done OCR, Edexcel and AQA Spec b Unit 2) but uni 5 'Religious Expression through society' is sooooooooooooooo amazing to get the most negative and disaffected kids into R.E without even realising the religious stuff too much. We cover the topics of Religion & Art, Religion & Architecture, Religion & Music and Religion & Literature. Have a look through the stuff. We use Nelson Thornes books. Our results are going up every year with this spec!
  3. fm1981

    fm1981 New commenter

    oh yeh, with regards to OCR - i taught both Philosophy and Ethics through Christianity.
    in all honesty - i found OCR a challenge to teach (quite difficult actually) and found that kids weren't that interested in it. I generally found Philosophy and Ethics a challenge. R.E needs to be relevant to kids. Nothing better than luring and enticing them into a bit of Music and dance clips for Religion and Music or showing them stained glass windows, icons, doing a bit of calligraphy or something for Religion and Art.
  4. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    If I was lucky enough to be in your position I would choose the OCR pilot spec - religion and belief in today's world.
    I think it looks fantastic and so relevant.
  5. resmithy

    resmithy New commenter

    I would actually recommend the OCR Philosophy and Ethics content wise. There are the on-going issues with the marking, but that's a different matter and there are already threads on here addressing that one. My students have always found the material interesting and it really makes them think and ask questions.
    I personally would say that examining ethical issues is much more relevant to the majority of kids than looking at stained glass windows and icons. Sorry fm1981, I realise that I sound like i'm having a go at your comment - i'm really not! No offence intended.
  6. fm1981

    fm1981 New commenter

    resmithy - no offence taken! :) Each to his own i guess and also more importantly - we know our kids. different areas=different kids. In the area where I am in Kent -they taught ethics, morality and the lot but it just wasn't working...however since they took on the religious expression spec things are looking better. I suppose our kids just find architecture, music and art more interesting. It REALLY helps to have kids who actually take an interest in R.E too. :)
  7. lesley66

    lesley66 New commenter

    My school chose to do Religious Expression and the kids do really like it - and do learn to see the spirituality around them in their own cultural references. We use the Hodder book - but if you read the spec, it gives you so much freedom as a teacher to choose your own examples for everything (and that was intended when the course was written).
  8. Hi roving relic just to add to the debate, we are using the WJEC - there are two 1/2 GCSE options and we do Religion & Life Issues one year and then Religious Expression the next. Two decent text books to choose from and brilliant links with PSHE topcs.
    Good luck!

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