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which film for micro analysis?

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by jsparkle, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Hi - just wondered if anyone teaches GCSE Film Studies and which film they use for the micro analysis??
    Obviously it should be free choice for students but I'd like to give them some guidance and maybe a choice of films and just wondered what films other people use?
  2. Mine chose their own; ranges from No country for old man to Elf!
  3. Theta Sigma

    Theta Sigma New commenter

    I find that very deliberately stylised films can be productive, as elements of form leap out to the less able candidates from something like the first fight scene in Hero. But, yes, it is better for the students to pick their own text beyond that.
  4. We're using 'Inception' - so many different scenes to focus on for each pupil. They can bring in CGI with Media Language.
  5. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    I have just begun this and have let the students choose their own. Mixed ability students so they have chosen everything from Avatar to Lion King!!! The understanding was that they had to have the film agreed with me; I am still not entirely happy with ALL of the choices but made some compromises so that we could actually get some worthy analysis.
    So far, so good. But worried about the word count but I am hoping there is a 10% buffer.

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