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Which country have you loved?!

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by travelgirl17, May 15, 2011.

  1. It's really quite exciting to be able to throw out a question and know that everyone who answers will be someone who has also taught overseas......!
    I've posted a similar question before, but as I'm currently in the process of applying for jobs, packing up the spotted hanky and heading off on a new adventure, I thought I'd ask y'all:
    Which country have you most loved teaching and loving in, and why?
    I look forward to hearing all your stories!
  2. Oops, that should have been teaching and LIVING in, but perhaps loving is appropriate for some too! I have lost count of the number of friends who are now in relationships/marriages/have children with people they met teaching overseas!
  3. Southern Africa. Not the school so much but an incredible place to live/tour. [​IMG]
  4. Ooh, that DOES sound good! How did you get a job there? Apply to a school directly?
  5. Yes, directly to the school. Advertised on TES.
  6. This all sounds a bit happy clappy to me. [​IMG]

  7. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Country love, the clap... Sounds a bit Thai to me. Or perhaps Good Ol' Boy land.
  8. Oh no, a sad face! That wasn't my intention at all! But why?
    I'm just interested to hear where people have enjoyed being - we are really lucky that our profession allows us to travel so readily. We all have amazing experiences to share, and I would like to hear some of them - perhaps I, or others, will be inspired to follow in our colleagues' footsteps!
  9. 'As an Englishman, I am an eternal pessimist...' [​IMG]
    I live in Cairo which has lovely bits and not so lovely bits.
    There are teachers who live in Saudi, Kuwait, Iran, Sudan. These are called hardship postings. Not sure how many people think of these as lovely places.
    There are fat, ugly middle aged men ( I could send a photo of me..) who go for jobs because the destination is known for guaranteed rumpty; girls and boys.
    But, yes, you are right, there are bound to be loads of exciting tales to tell from other punters.
    I just think that maybe you won't see many of them on these threads. Lot of English, you see -grumpy sorts and proud of it....

  10. Well I fall into that category. I met my husband while working in Indonesia. I also fell in love with the country too. I'm happy to be heading back there to teach again this year. Even with all its quirks I do love living in Indonesia :)
  11. wairua

    wairua New commenter

    What a shame, yet another thread taken over by members of the Little Boys Club. Only one so far, the inane jibes between the members will undoubtedly begin. Perhaps they would be better off on facebook.

    Enjoyed the southern states of the USA, visited many in my time there, the poverty level of a county reflected in the quality of the roads. (can't say the school system was what I loved, but had a very good principal).
  12. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    I suppose it is cheating a bit but will have to say Canada, British Columbia to be specific! Not an overseas post for me, but would be for many on this forum. So good nobody ever leaves or retires which means I am on the circuit until the mass retirement we were promised in university happens and I can go home.
  13. Dr CO Jones

    Dr CO Jones New commenter

    Quite right, cariad, only one jibe so far. How did it go?
    Yes, that was it.
  14. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    All of them, all five of them.
    And all the women, too.
    More countries than women, to tell the honest truth. Will try to be more adventurous in my next life - in this one, I remain a member of the little boys' club. Or is that a boy of the little members' club?
    If under sentence of death, with permission to spend the final week in one country, I think it would be Colombia.
    And among the women, Mrs D., of course.
  15. Capitalised! Respect grudgingly given - thank you very much.
    Jones - why have you called wairua cariad? Are they another one of those double poster types?
    Nothing wrong with facebook is there? You can tell everyone how beautiful the world is on there too,..

  16. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Established commenter

    It means 'dear one' in Welsh´
    Quite possibly, now you mention it, but I wasn't implying it. What suspicious minds you sasnaeg have.
  17. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Established commenter

  18. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Which country have you loved? Kenya! The game parks, the excitiment of going off on safari, the Indian Ocean, the B***** School (makes you think of a cut finger), the Ngong Hills ("I had a farm in Africa..."), the Kenyans themselves (well, some of them) and the opportunity to meet other hippopotami.
    My worst moment in Kenya? When the president roared past in his bullet-proof Mercedes, as many Kenyans will count themselves lucky if they only have an old bicycle. I don't think that I really love the UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Romania, Qatar or the UAE.
  19. the evil tokoloshe

    the evil tokoloshe New commenter

    I had the president roar past in a similar manner when I was a wee tokoloshe, quite unexpected, as was the fact he waved back when i waved to him (in Royal style).
    There are also some pictures of me somewhere meeting various presidents (Kenya, Zambia, Zim and Tanzania) at trade fairs where the press made sure I was most definitely in the background.
    As for the question, got to say that I love and will continue to live in Southern Africa. It may have its flaws, but it sure is beautiful and the people are in general great.
  20. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    As a little scrap of a boy I waited by the roadside with other tourists, at the bidding of the Guardia Civil, while a lumbering cavalcade of solemn black automobiles carried Generalíssimo Francisco Franco to a visit to the monastery of Montserrat.
    1962 or 63. The dictator himself was pointed out by my middle-class socialist mother, awed to see in the flesh one of the bogeymen of her own childhood.
    Trying to authenticate this memory I have only been able to find a photo of the old brute at Montserrat in 1957. Wish I had ten pesetas for every time some expert on Spanish affairs has intoned, "Franco never visited Catalonia".
    Spain is not one of the five countries alluded to above. One-night stands and holiday romances do not count - only Serious Long-Term Relationships.
    Envy you Southern Africa, tokoloshe. Another experience reserved for a future existence. But we do have Jacarandas here, plenty of them, and they're in full gorgeous bloom right now, like the local girls...

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