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Which CAD Software for GCSE Engineering?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by sgoscombe, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Im hoping someone can help:

    Im going to be running Engineering from Sept 2012 and currently have limited CAD software in the school, namely 2D Design
    I would like to get a 3D package and I would appreciate some advice - any suggestions?
    PTC apppear to no longer support ProDesktop or ProEngineer - is this the case?
  2. ProDesktop is free and still works even when not supported. I use it because it is free and I will take the four day course to upgrade to Proengineer asap. Loads of resources available.
    I would really like to use SolidWorks but can't afford it. If it helps both my sons are studying Mechanical Engineering atm, one is using SolidWorks in Uni and te other ProEngineer at a placement.
    I do not let the kids use Sketchup as yet. I am confident that Google will make a world class package soon but it isn't quite parametric enough for GCSE Engineering. I do let them use it to do ideas if they really can't draw.
  3. PollyB I can offer you the latest Creo Parametric which is even better and the latest version of ProE and its a 1 day course or 2 twighlights and it will be cheaper than you having to find 4 days of cover. Im also local. Send me an email to rhylhightech@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested
  4. Sounds good, the cover is a killer these days. I have emailed you but it would depend where you were based as I am in Cheshire.
  5. Doh!!!!
    Just got round to actually reading your email - what a give away, Rhyl well within reach.
  6. We've moved from ProE to Space Claim about a year ago. Its very good and the kids are getting the hang of it way way quicker than they ever did with ProE.
    Its not free though :(
  7. I can offer Creo 2 training in 1 day to teachers with some CAD experience. It has solid modelling, animation, mechanisms, surface modelling realistic rendering and much much more. The software is used by JCB and Vax to name just 2, would cost industry around £35,000 but schools get it for free. I can come to you to train you, I go all over the country and training is very affordable. Visit www.cad4school.co.uk for more details. Andy
  8. Autodesk Inventor is now free to all schools and there are some great free resources available online.

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