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Which Board for GCSE 9-1?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by sadovski, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. sadovski

    sadovski New commenter

    We have been with Edexcel since it came into being but are now somewhat disillusioned and wanting to make the break for September 2016. Looking very closely at WJEC and OCR, there are pros and cons for both and it's so difficult to decide. Would be grateful if people could let me know who are they with and why.
  2. k80brd

    k80brd New commenter

    We've jumped ship completely and are moving to BTEC Performing Arts - so much more practical based.
  3. englishteach101

    englishteach101 Occasional commenter

    I'm thinking between Edexel and OCR at the moment... still unsure
  4. Mad dog

    Mad dog New commenter


    THUNDERCATS New commenter

    I have left Edexcel purely for the weighting in each component- I have left for OCR. Purely because the weighting for devising is 30% and the weighting for performance text is 30% unlike Edexcel which is 40% devising and 20% performance text. I want to give my students every opportunity to do well and if I was to follow Edexcel's specification and they were not successful at the devising unit then they have a tougher task to shift the overall GCSE mark in the performance unit. Some are stronger at one unit than another (often text work is stronger in my experience) so an equal weighting will hopefully enable a good grounding for all before the final written exam.

    I am staying with Edexcel for A Level as I like their specification and their support for teachers is excellent- I have less experience with OCR but think the weightings are important for overall success.
  6. kellyjcooper81

    kellyjcooper81 New commenter

    I am in the same boat, unsure whether to stick with Edexcel or not. My year 9's have started to work towards it so will have tot stick for next year (of which I am off on maternity! Ahhh!) However, wanting to get the best option for the year after. I am worried about my low ability writers for the written exam and wanted some advice on which exam board would work well for them? I am new to teaching Drama GCSE and so any advice I get would a great help. Thanks in advance!
  7. CreativeEducation

    CreativeEducation New commenter

    I'm using OCR for GCSE (9-1) mainly also because of the weighting. I agree that students should understand the equal importance of devising and scripted drama, and be given this equal opportunity. I'm teaching Death of a Salesman for the written exam. For A Level, I'm with AQA.

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