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Which behaviour traits in your pupils annoy you the most?!

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Rosylee, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I always find it interesting how school staff tolerate some behaviours better than others. Some teachers turn a blind eye to children fidgeting and fiddling whilst it drives others insane!
    I can cope with boisterous and energetic children but have a great intolerance towards children who always hang around adults, watch their every move and eavesdrop into staff conversations. I used to work with one 8 year old boy, who would even butt into a private conversations to add his say. My pet hate!
    My colleague tolerates this boy, but finds the 'bouncy' children irritating.
    Out of interest, what can you least tolerate in the classroom?!

  2. RaymondSoltysek

    RaymondSoltysek New commenter

    Multiple pupils obliviously clicking their ballpoint pens! It sounds like the room's been invaded by Deathwatch beetles!
  3. I agree! I had GCSE core science bottom set today and they kept doing this, I resulted in taking their pens off some of them and giving them a cheepo one of my own!
  4. The behaviour trait that irritates me the most (although not really behaviour), is Y9 - Y11 students loudly discussing how far they have got etc. with their boyfriends/girlfriends!
    I seem to accidently over hear these conversations at least twice a week!
  5. Deliberate insolence / rudeness, to / about me or anyone else. A very unecessary, uncalled for, unattractive trait.
  6. Not "my" pupils (I'm the TA), but the worst thing about our Year 6s in my opinion is the ones who complain about other people being mean to them/distracting them/taking their stuff, etc, and then within 10 minutes they are doing exactly the same thing to someone else. It feels as if they honestly can't see the double standard.
  7. ' It feels as if they honestly can't see the double standard.'
    In order to see that, someone would have to point it out to them, viz: 'teach' them about it. And that might embarrass or humiliate them, mightn't it?
  8. My pet hate is definitely kids taking things from each other, throwing things at each other or, the latest craze (in my school), turning each other's bags inside out. It REALLY winds me up (especially when it's Year 11)!
  9. LittleStreams

    LittleStreams New commenter

    Kids totally ignoring me when I request silence/for them to remove coats/anything like that whether I be addressing the class or (especially) when I am addressing them individually. In fact, I'd rather they respond rudely than them totally blanking me.
  10. Random175

    Random175 New commenter

    Name calling and bickering with each other. That actually annoys me. Pen clicking and fidgeting doesn't annoy me but I tackle it every time as I have learnt if you tackle that behaviour then the class normally doesn't descend to name calling!
  11. Ignorant children who insist on being allowed their say but refuse to listen to anyone else.
  12. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    In the course of a day, the amount of mother's names I hear! 'Oi Fiona! Shut up Deborah. Haha - What you laughing at Mary.' I drives me mad, would love to teach a lesson with each pupil sitting next to their mothers!
    The other one has to be 'that's so gay!' My chair is gay (when it's broken), 'my pen is gay' (when it doesn't work). Very sophisicated pens they have these days, each with their own sexuality!
  13. That also p.isses me off so much!!

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