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Which assessment scheme/tests do you use? - Primary Science

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mrspebble, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Hi my performance management target was to get an assessment scheme in place for Science. Weve been waiting for the science APP but doesnt seem like this is going to be very good.
    Can anyone recommend recommend a science test etc that they use to get levels for children??
    Any ideas would be fantastic
    Thanks Pebble
  2. Hi,
    We use the minisats tests in Science at the end of each topic. You can get a level from them too.
    the link is here if it is any use to you.

  3. We use Rising Stars - http://www.risingstars-uk.com/content.php?cID=19;scID=69

    Each science unit has 4 tests. The 1st is done at the start of the unit to assess prior learning. Tests 2+3 are done at the end of the unit, to show learning (hopefully). All test 4s are saved up for an end of year assessment.
    Each module has a sheet so you can convert the score into a level too.

    I quite like these tests. We also tried the Rising Stars reading tests and didn't like them at all, so don't be put off the science if you've heard negative things about the reading, they are totally different.
  4. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Test wise we had been using Rising stars which are okay if you want to get somethig which is all ready to use, but we find they really underestimate the children's levels and the mark scheme for test 3 is a little whacky! This year we are using Exploring Science and a variety of testbase questions from old SATs.
  5. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    If you look at www.schoolslinks.co.uk and go the the Science area, scroll down to the very bottom and there are some end of year tests, and a very useful assessment checklist which lets you assess a whole class very quickly. It is all I ever use and seems to do the job just fine. Plus it's free, and you will get Brownie points.
  6. Check out www.sigmascience.co.uk we have an assessment scheme that assesses the pupils' scientific enquiry skills as well as subject knowledge and understanding. We also have a large bank of free sample topics and resources. I hope you find this useful.

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