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Which assessment scheme/tests do you use?? - Primary Science

Discussion in 'Science' started by mrspebble, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Hi my performance management target was to get an assessment scheme in place for Science. Weve been waiting for the science APP but doesnt seem like this is going to be very good.
    Can anyone recommend recommend a science test etc that they use to get levels for children??
    Any ideas would be fantastic
    Thanks Pebble
  2. fiendishlyclever

    fiendishlyclever Occasional commenter

    Hmm you want a test that claims to test all aspects of science and give you a level. Weren't these called SATS? I seem to remember them from a few years ago :)
    Personally I'd be very wary of any test that claims to give levels - they test many more factors than science (literacy, maths, attention span, etc). One (of many) reasons lots of schools are moving to vocational qualifications for 16 year olds.
    Teacher assessment should always be more reliable - as long as you have standardisation/moderation procedures in place. It's working out how you can assess as you go along without making lots of work for yourself.
    You can always use past SATs papers etc if you really want a test but it should only be one tool in your assessment toolkit. (Tests tend to be summative assessment rather than formative - especially the SATS!)

    Rob Fiendishlyclever

  3. Worth looking at www.minisats.co.uk. May not address your requirements fully (does any scheme?), but do give levels based on tracking a full year's assessment of each topic, with Sc1-based questions dominant.
  4. Check out www.sigmascience.co.uk a fully resourced science scheme promoting hands-on science with built in assessments and levelling activities from Y1 through to Y6.

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