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Which accreditation is best to use for Moderate/SLD pupils -OCR, Edexcel, ASDAN????

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by shanize, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hi!
    I would really appreciate some advice and feedback on experiences of using accredited programmes. I am at a school that caters for pupils with moderate learning difficulties. However, the cohort is changing - we now also have pupils with specific learning difficulties. I am looking for an accredited programme for KS3/4 pupils.
    I have looked at the following programmes: OCR - Life and Living Entry Level 1-3, ASDAN (PSD EL 1-3), Persornal Progress Plevel - EL 1, Employability EL 2-3 and L1; Edexcel Functional skills and Foundation Learning (EL1 - L2) and Work skills framework.
    I need to hear from colleagues who have used any of these programmes of study - as to how successful they have been, and of course any unsuccessful experiences. My main aim is to develop a curriculum that will povide Functional skills, Personal development, and Vocational experiences for pupils operating between EL 1 - GCSE.
    Do I stick to using 1 provider or do I pick the best out of the 3 and mix? Maybe someone out there has used accredited programmes that I have not yet explored, and you may have a curriculum model that is outstanding.[​IMG]
    Your help will be appreciated!
    Harry Bear!
  2. I don't have any advice as to which is best but I would advise you to talk to the Further eucation or specialist colleges that will be the next step for your students.
    This is particularly important for entry1 and 2 students
    Personal progress awards/diplomas and PSD awards and diplomas are the current qualification for entry level students in colleges and if they do them at school unless the gov ernment has a u turn there will not be a qualification for them to do when they move on from school

  3. Good point! I will contact Colleges to clarify, however, if Entry 1-2 are not used in school what other options are availiable?
  4. I would say there is a major flaw with Foundation learning.
    It looksgood at E3 /Level 1 but has not taken into account that students with a learning disability going to college may need to do the same level qualification they have done at school but with vocational /life skills context and that Entry 3 ,level 1 will never be accessible to them because the level is too high
  5. Hi
    I have been running edexcel Btec work skills Entry 3 Btec PSD E3 for a couple of years for my year 9
    If appropriate moving on to L1 in yr 10/11
    All my students are SEN having either Statements of educational need, SPLd MLd or BESD.
    I have had 100 percent passes

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