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Which A Level Biology course? Move from Edexcel to ???????

Discussion in 'Science' started by sep2, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. sep2

    sep2 New commenter

    I don't think I can face another year of the A2 coursework. I have a relativly large class and trying to fit in the experimantal work and the course content and preparing for the unit 5 paper is a bit too much. Most of my students do not take maths and yet they are expected to carry out stats that are not even on the maths statistic course?
    I realised when one of my lovely girls told me that they do so much more work in Biology than Chemistry and the coursework is really stressful and now they have this large paper to read.
    If they think that then it isn't fair. I didn't pick this course BTW I inherited it.
    I love the support Edexcl provide and I like the content and the exams but I don't want to make my students life more difficult than need be.
    So which to swap to AQA or OCR? What are the assesments, exams content like? I have looked online but I'm sure a first hand view is better :)
    Thanks in advance.
  2. sep2

    sep2 New commenter

    Sorry for the errors. I had proof read it, justmised all the mistakes :) It is nearly half term
  3. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    My centre does OCR and I like the structure and the content. The practical tasks can be a bit tricky; not in terms of assessment as they are all short practical exams but some of the equipment and set up required can be irksome for the technicians.
    One of my ex collaegues does AQA which has similar content (but with a different arrangement of topics) which does not have the same issues with the practical work
  4. We are about to start teaching A level Biology in our 6th form in Sept this Year.
    We were going to risk doing the WJEC board since we liked their structure but since we are changing all our gcse boards to Edexcel as from next year, we have decided to go with Edexcel for A level Biology too.

    Nearly all the schools in our borough do Edexcel but we are interested in the more traditional approach as opposed to the Contually based approach...

    Havingread your email, I might have to reconsider...

  5. My son studying As edexcel biology but there is no propere biology teacher. can any one help me for any good website so that he can self study and cn take help from there.
    Thanks n kind regards
  6. We do WJEC and love it. It is quite traditional; the content is not overloaded which leaves time for practical work. Feedback from pupils that have gone on to read Biology related subjects at university has been very positive. Support from the board is very good; reponse to e mail is usually within a few hours. We thought it was a risky move too but have not regretted it.
  7. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    The school I'm in changeda few years ago (before I joined) from Edexcel to AQA. I'm finding AQA really good so far. I'm on a course for the practical work next month and looking forward to it.
  8. sep2

    sep2 New commenter

    I would recommend the Edexcel Revision guide (from Amazon) and the CGP one. Use that along with s-cool website and youtube clips.
  9. sep2

    sep2 New commenter

    I then end for various reasons we stuck with Edexcel. The science consultant and I spent ages looking at alternatives. My students last year got excellent results on Unit6 and fair results on unit 3 (i.e effort in reflected greatly on outcome). It isn't ideal but for now it is the best option. I'll review again this year.
  10. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    The specifications for all A levels are currently under review and, if I am correct, we should have new specs to follow from September 2013 i.e. for the current Yr 10 pupils. I would hold off any changes of spec for the moment (or at least until we know when the changes will come in)

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