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Where would you go?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by 123flowers, May 27, 2020.

  1. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter

    Hey guys! hope everybody is ok and surviving this awfulness. Life in Dubai is starting to get back to normal and it feels good. I know we haven’t even finished this year yet and nowhere near thinking of next year ( well I am hah) I just wanted to know where is the best place you have worked? is there anywhere you worked and would avoid? I know everybody is different, it’s just good to hear everybody’s experiences. I am open to going anywhere really. I love Dubai but do fancy a change.

    I’d love Singapore but I’m aware it’s a very crowded market. I’d also love Italy but I’m aware it doesn’t pay the best. Pay isn’t everything but I do need to be able to live and have a life hah. I love to travel.

    I’m single as a pringle so happy to spread the wings anywhere, so any suggestions would be great! :) just abit of fun x
  2. Mr robinson

    Mr robinson New commenter

    Thailand is the best country I worked in. China the worst.
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  3. Jonny29102

    Jonny29102 New commenter

    If you're financially secure I would consider heading to Europe. If not, stay in the middle east or Asia.
  4. teachersn

    teachersn New commenter

    Where does the UK fit in? Is China really that bad?
  5. TeacherMan19

    TeacherMan19 Occasional commenter

    I enjoy China.
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  6. Jason_Bourne_

    Jason_Bourne_ Established commenter

    China is not a bad place to live and work as an expat. Decent packages, fairly good cost of living, opportunities to explore a different culture, lots of travel opportunities. We're saving more money here than in any other location that we've lived in.
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  7. Bioteach

    Bioteach New commenter

    I preferred China to Thailand. To work in anyway. Obviously holidays in Thailand are fantastic.
  8. Ms_Love_

    Ms_Love_ Occasional commenter

    I've enjoyed my two years in China, the salary and housing have been decent and the students are simply wonderful! The workload was so much less than the UK and I've only ever worked on Saturday here. I find Chinese people to be very helpful, hardworking and hospitable. Don't believe the bad press!

    There are some Chinese bilingual schools here that will be throwing some serious money to teachers now who are able to come from different parts of China. I'm only leaving the PRC because I got an even better salary elsewhere and my SO got a promotion.
  9. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    The Middle East wasn't for us although we have friends who we started with there and who have stayed for years. China bought us our first house but once you have been there for three or four years even the Great Wall pales a little and it was cold in the winter! Malaysia was a little like New Zealand, akin to living in the 1950's but with a much more polarised population and, probably, less money. For us it has always been Thailand since we first came here in 1997. There are a few bad schools and there are a few schools that think that they are much better than they actually are. However, there are some fantastic places which don't get written about much, pay very well and afford you a fantastic lifestyle. Up until recently it was possibly the cheapest hub in the area for flights within S.E.Asia and you can either live like a Queen or you can save lolly and live it up during the hols.

    Choose Wisely!

  10. benji321

    benji321 New commenter

    Thailand for me too. Was there 7 years but have also been in Madrid, Taiwan, Bali, China and currently S. Korea.

    There are so many variables and so much depends on your circumstances and what you want and need out of life/career at any particular stage.

    I now make more money than ever before but am not especially happy at the school. However, I do now have a young daughter which was not a consideration before and especially now it is a safe and secure place to live and we have a nursery provided.

    As you are single pringle as mentioned above Thailand offers so many great experiences and (Covid willing) lots of good schools.
  11. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    Loved Shanghai, were there for a lot of years. Malaysia was ok but pay wasn't great. Thailand treats us well but the kids preferred Penang. I prefer a city myself but when the kids were smaller Penang was ideal. I would love to return to Shanghai though.
  12. SecondPlace

    SecondPlace Occasional commenter

    What do you like to do? Are you looking for cities, for countryside, for concerts, arts, theatre...

    China is vast and diverse and relatively well placed to explore a lot of Asia.

    Central Asia is probably more unknown but that could be a big attraction.

    Eastern Europe - better packages than Western Europe and you'll save way more and have access to a lot of culture and nature.

    Western Europe - perhaps more familiar, but less savings. Switzerland has great nature and all very accessible.
  13. makhnovite

    makhnovite Established commenter

    For me South America, yes the money wasn't great but I was single then and the travelling and the lifestyle made up for that big time. Peru was absolutely amazing, coastal desert, the Andes and the Amazon, nowhere like it on earth (and the food!). Chile, 70 km to the beach and 70 km the other way to go skiing, lakes, fjords, forests, volcanoes (active) and the food! Argentina, Iguazu, Patagonia, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, plus the food! But at the end of the day it depends what you are looking for?
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  14. tb9605

    tb9605 Established commenter

    If it was up to me (which it isn't - beloved wife holds a veto on these things) I'd be in South or Central America. Never been: hence the attraction!
  15. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    Only done two countries. The first was in the ME and pretty sure we won't be back there any time soon! The second is China, pretty good financially and pretty good schools, but I've had the sense (from before COVID-19) that things are going to become more uncomfortable for foreigners in the next few years.

    I think everyone would love Singapore, but Thailand appeals too, even Vietnam. We'll see....
  16. 4019775

    4019775 New commenter

    1990's Vancouver (paradise lost). Rural Queensland.

    Worst place Vancouver 2016
    Last edited: May 28, 2020
  17. adultsocialcare

    adultsocialcare Occasional commenter

    Vietnam would get my vote. I've been twice but only for hols. Love the place. Great food, beaches, easy to travel and very inexpensive. There seems to be a steady stream of fairly well paid teaching jobs there. Hanoi is the place to be IMHO. Historic, fantastic around the huge lake every weekend, when it's pedestrian's only.
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  18. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Depending on how long you intend working overseas and also what your financial situation and plans are, I would do the following:
    Spend around 10 years somewhere that pays well (ie you can put away at least £1500 a month) and that, at least, has a good lifestyle and living conditions. For me, this would be Dubai or Abu Dhabi. There are of course, others
    Spend the rest of the time somewhere that gives a rich living experience, probably in Asia (Thailand, Vietnam etc) or South America
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