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Where to start?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pigginkt, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Hey all
    I've got Year 2 and I've got a project in mind, but have no idea where to start!

    We're going to be reading 'Traction man' and I want them to eventually design and make a prototype of a new toy. We will have links with the local DT secondary school children who will come in and work with my class in groups to talk about their designs and steer them in the right direction in terms of practicalities and materials etc. I then want my class to present their designs in a 'Dragon's Den' type presentation and my headteacher has suggested I get some real toy manufacturers/business people in to be the judges to make it a 'bigger deal'... the winning toy will then be made 'properly' in the Secondary DT department....

    This is going to be 6 weeks worth of work.. but not sure where to start? I've contacted main manufacturers and local toy retailers asking for help, but no luck...

    Also.. is there any way the winning toy can get mentioned in a newspaper etc? Or is this all good in theory but not in reality?!

    Any advice?

  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    WOW That sounds fabulous.

    Maybe get a secondary school teacher to dress up and pretend to be a dragon? Or some of the pupils who have come in and worked with your class could make a panel of dragons?

    The local newspaper would love this story. Get them to come in when your do the dragon thing and make sure you mention lots about working with your secondary colleagues and get them to take pics of the older and younger children together.

    Gosh...I was excited about my term, but it seems boring now!
  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

  4. Aww thank you! I am really excited, it's just trying to piece it all together now! I'll definitely look into the local newspaper then, how exciting! I best put my PPA time tomorrow to good use phoning people!

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