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Where to holiday during the Summer Holidays 2012?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by InkyP, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    I've been to Morocco twice but that was more of a package thing, a company called Explore - good for single people a sort of 'safe' adventure using locally owned hotels and more of a 'real' experience than normal package tours. Camping in the desert was brilliant. I've also been to Libya and Cuba with the same company. I've been to Namibia, that was a town twinning thing with some added touring, specifically organized for a group of us through a company called Suntours, if I remember correctly.
    I've also been to India on a British Council study trip with two other members of staff from my school. I had really wanted to go there but I have to say I hated it, the contrast between the haves and have-nots got to me and I was also very ill. It was very interesting and informative, though, and away from the tourist track in Chennai.
    My husband and I went to Canada, flying to Calgary to pick up a car and travel West to Vancouver stopping at various places. We booked all the stops online.

  2. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I was going to say Marrakech but it would be mega hot. Can be expensive if you want to eat in smart restaurants but if you're happy with a tagine in the old town it's cheap. It is exciting. Of course there was the bomb attack which was appalling. It depends how you feel about that. Could go to the coast to be cooler.
  3. You say you want an active holiday plus touring plus new cultures. You won't fit all that into 7-10 days.
    Anywhere that will be cheap, such as Turkey or maybe Greece, will be too hot at that time of year.
    Eastern Europe is a good idea as most place in the eurozone will be too expensive. I have heard good things about Tallinn and I think its served by budget airlines. Budapest would be a cheaper and quieter alternative to Prague. I've also heard good things about Krakov. You could combine Budapest or Krakov with Berlin and fly back from there.
  4. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Thailand is dirt cheap for living expenses ie £1.50-£2 for a main course, £10 to hire a taxi all day etc and is a fantastic country, but airfares are expensive in Aug. You may get cheap flights towards the end of aug. Keep looking as different airlines have sales at times in the next couple of months. It is a very long flight for 7 days though.
    Airfares everywhere are expensive this year and set to go up again in april so book before then as the gov is set to raise air tax by another 8%. Flights from euro countries such as france and holland are much cheaper, so if you can go via ferry or eurotunnel then fly from france you may get more for your money. Actually if you are prepared to B&B its often only £20-30 per night in france. A rail card would allow you to tour around. Also mobile home hols in europe are approx £800-£1000 all in .
    Saw a liveaboard 30 people boat in croatia on the tv last week, touring for a week up the coast. I've always wanted to go to croatia as it is supposed to be beautiful.
    Cuba is also supposed to be a cheap longhaul, though think you need resorts near Havana to get the cultural experience as many are just beach and hotel.
  5. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Summer is Monsoon season. Easter is better weather wise.
    I'd recommend Croatia for summer (Rovinj) about 650GBP to 750GBP Half Board for end July
    and if you fancy a winter holiday - Romania (Brasov) for skiing, can do trips to Draculas castle etc...
  6. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    Have you seen The-Way?
    I have chosen to link to the portuguese version as it is doable in 11 days. You don't have to be religious, about 30% of the pilgrims are not believers. Active. cheap, varied and historic, it follows much of the old Roman road up the Atlantic coast of western Iberia.
    There is a forum to discuss your plans, concerns, and experiences here

  7. Just a thought - will you be expected to be at school on results day? And when does your LA have its TED days at teh start of term? You will be expected to be present at those, if not the former...

  8. How about getting a cheap flight to Treviso then hiring a car to drive up into the Italian Dolomites and doing some walking in fantastic country (or even some Via Ferrate if you are up to it). We did this a few years ago and had a fantastic time (no brit lager louts/chavvy families as it is not their thing). There are plenty of places to stay IF you are outside the Italian holidays of August 1 -21st otherwise there won't be a bed to be had.
    If you have to use a holiday company then these are well respected (but obviously more expensive than doing your own)

  9. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    It is monsoon season in thailand but like many tropical areas that usually means 20/30mins torrential downpour at the same time of day, usually late afternoon/ evening and then sunshine the rest of the time. We either sightsee on a rainy day or pull our legs up under the sun umbrella for the short time it rains. We go aug everytime and have only ever had a half day of rain. In fact in Phuket it can be raining 5 miles away and be all sunshine where you are, so if it does rain you can often hire a taxi and find sunshine not far away. Friends went in april for a change and had 4 days of rain. With global warming, I dont think you can guarentee the weather anywhere. Phuket is the cheapest place to go in thailand, personally I would go to the east and south of the island as it is less touristy and the sea is safer to swim in during the monsoon season. Avoid patong if you want to avoid aussie blackpool. A Boat trip around Phang Na bay is a must (James Bond island)

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