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Where to do an Art PGCE?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by robitusson, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Hello, hard to really comment but i do hear many mention Swansea one as a good one, it seems to prepare students better and has excellent support. Better than mine anyway. I have heard some people getting to interview and bypassing applications due to the fact they have simply gone to this place.

    Birmingham too i think does one which is quite good.
  2. Is it secondary you're after? I'm doing post-compulsory (Lifelong Learning) PGCE in Art and Design at Northbrook in Worthing - which is very near Brighton but a lot cheaper. There is also reasonably priced student accommodation. It is a good course but very intensive. The placements are within the college, so travelling is minimal (depending on how near you live....). Good luck, anyway, wherever you apply!
  3. Had an interview at Cambridge on Monday - haven't heard back yet but desparate to be accepted!

    Anyone familiar with the course? Any info would be much appreciated. Did some work experience a while ago with a PGCE student from Homerton and she was flying along.

    Thanks to all that gave me interview advice on here - feel it went quite well although less sure as the days pass...
  4. Any reason why Cambridge in particular?
  5. Well it is close to me but more than anything i see that only as a bonus. It's rated number one in the country for employment, etc. and has a really high rating from Ofsted (or PGCE equivalent?) It would just be a lifetime dream come true for me if that doesn't sound far too corny!! Why do you ask, any reason in particular?
  6. I wonder if they asked you that question would you have given the same answer LOL.

    I would look not at the amount who get jobs after going there but how many stay in the profession, that would be the best sign of how well a training provider has trained people, sadly there are no such records.

    Honestly though i thought it may have been chosen simply for it's name.

    I hope you get it though, fingers crossed.
  7. I want to do the secondary one.

    Although in the gttr handbook for this year, they list each course in terms of age range e.g. 7-14, 11-16, 11-18,11-19, 14-19, 16-19. They're all secondary to some extent or another.

  8. ^ Kinda confusing.
  9. Ha ha Darkness, no i'm not that much of a name dropper that the name alone would attract me - although i am considering putting in an order for a few university scarfs, etc. from the local tourist shop if i do get in! Just to keep me warm of course! Just kidding, anyhow yes you're right about those statistics - would make for interesting reading if they existed.

    Thanks, will leave a post when i hear back from them...
  10. Nothing wrong with getting the scarf, i got one when i went up to Stanford uni, of course it was for when i am home and it is winter.
  11. bunnynose

    bunnynose New commenter

    I went to UCE - a fab course with very supportive tutors. Course structure has changed since i was there but i've mentored UCE students on the new course and they have all had positive experiences - in particular the practical workshops that are run for students are fab!
  12. paintbrush

    paintbrush New commenter

    st martins, lancaster is a wonderful campus, cheeper to live north of the gap too !
  13. Absolutely! St Martin's is the best teaching college in the country and is very well thought of at interviews.

  14. I did my PGCE at Northumbria. It seems that you want to stay down south. I went to Uni in Brighton when I did my Photography degree. I found it really expensive to live there and not much opportunity afterwards.

    I then went on to do my PGCE at Northumbria and I absolutely loved it. It was really hard work but worth it. I loved the involvement with the galleries in the area and I have continued to use these links within my own teaching.

    Good luck
  15. Hi I did my PGCE art and design at Northumbria. It is an absolutely brilliant course with a strong focus on encouraging you to think of yourself as an artist-teacher and to work together as a cohort of trainees.

    In 2007 we had two international students on the course one from Norway another from Gibraltar and this helped give some interesting and different perspectives on art education.

    I found the university to be very supportive, well organised, forward looking and an exciting (though sometimes stretching) place to be.

    Some of the most enjoyable things about the course were are close collaboration with museums and galleries in the area (including Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and Shipley in Gateshead, , Hatton Gallery, the Laing and Discovery Museum in Newcastle and Segedunum in Wallsend.

    There is continuing support from the university once you have left regarding employment and opportunities and the placements in school are generally of a very high standard with experienced subject and professional mentors.

    If you want to continue your studies or arts practice Northumbria also offers an MA in Art and Education ran jointly with Baltic... another good reason to consider it.

    Hope this helps.

    Elizabeth Kane x
  16. LANCASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    was fab and the tutors really know their stuff- had a fab time in 03-04 and they even gave me support last year!
    Cheap to live, goos schools, still in contact with one of the mentors- inspiration for pastoral
  17. Hi Laurenkiss26

    I have an interview at Cambridge later in the month and I would love some advice. Especially as the interview consists of a programme of different components, including a group interview, written assignment and a presentation.

    Any info/experience of the course would also be appreciated.

  18. i am currently doing my PGCE at Northumbria, and i would have to say it is absolutely fantastic! i don't know of any other PGCE course that gets you to do so much cool extra stuff!

    we delivered a CPD session in the baltic contemporary arts centre to 30 art, CRAFT and design teachers 3 weeks into the course!

    there is a fantastic art teachers network in the north east to, the NSEAD are trying to roll more out over the UK!

    and as for this forward thinking instate of education i think not! as it was pointed out to myself how would someone from the north east fit into a multi cultural society like london (cough the fact i had been lining in london for 4 years...) i did not like the implication i was a racist because I'm from the north!!

    also the course is unofficially called art, CRAFT and design because thats what your taught to teach! which again is fantastic!

    but you have to remember there are next to no places anymore! with the government cuts and the incredibly high possibly that art, CRAFT and design many not be in the new curriculum!!
  19. gdoolan84

    gdoolan84 New commenter

  20. sharon52

    sharon52 New commenter

    sorry did not see the date

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