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Where to do an Art PGCE?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by robitusson, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. I've been browsing the net looking at UK Universities which do PGCEs. Any recommendations on where to choose?
  2. I've been browsing the net looking at UK Universities which do PGCEs. Any recommendations on where to choose?
  3. hiya, Yeh i would reccommend the GTTR website too. It's very simple and their very clear about what you need to do. I have an interview through them on Wednesday at Chester. I'll let you know what happens so you know what to expect. Let me know what you decide to do

    Jo x
  4. Well done Jo, and good luck!
    Both come and join us on Prospective Students for loads of support and advice!
  5. Chester is a very good place to do a PGCE.
  6. Thanks very much for the replies. I appreciate being directed to the gttr website but what I was looking for was recommendations of colleges.
    I'm not from the Uk so I don't know much about the colleges there. What I wanted to know was where anyone here went and what they thought of it.

    Thanks very much all.
  7. Hi Robitusson
    If you order a copy of the handbook, it has a rundown on all the colleges and what they entail.
    Obviously anyone who has been to a university can only comment on that one. Plymouth, which is where I am going, is supposed to have a good reputation. So is Exeter. It depends on what you are looking for. Exeter is much more theory based and you don't get to go into school until after Christmas, whereas at Plymouth you go in straight away.
  8. Hi Robitusson

    I went to UCE in Birmingham - very intensive course, but great! At the time it was so difficult and there were too many essays to write, but I am so glad I got through it all! A couple of tutors on the course do a lot of writing in education journals about ICT and Art, so it's a pretty good course for learning about how to use computers in Art lessons.

    Hope that helps!
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  9. If you are considering London - it's got to be the Institute of Education. I beleive that this is the most forward thinking training institution for Art & Design. All tutors are involved in research and writing re: progressive contemporary pedagogical issues in our subject etc. (Lesley Burgess/ Nicholas Addison/ Andy Ash to name a few). I completed my PGCE Art and Design (Secondary) there as well as my Masters of Teaching and would highly reccommend it.
  10. A word about Brighton. Course is fine, but the city is such a fun and arty place to live no one wants to leave hence no art teaching jobs. Be warned.
  11. eleuthera - did you go to brighton? are you going to brighton? and most importantly HAVE YOU HAD AN INTERVIEW AT BRIGHTON?! i'm absolutely cacking it and would appreciate a heads up if you have! xx
  12. hi discojen

    im about to start my pgce art and design course at birmingham UCE, could i be cheeky and ask you to email me any info and give me a heads up on what i am going to be covering and any other advice if possible,

    yours nexart

  13. Yes I went to Brighton-don't worry about the interview, don't put too much in your portfolio, just the best bits and your sketchbook. Be ready to talk about it and show them how enthusiastic you are about both Art and teaching, and that you have really thought about teaching & have some experience (voluntary days at school etc). Interview will take ages but divided into parts. It really is OK though, try to enjoy it!
  14. eleuthera - thanks!
    i've got lots of experience, months of voluntary work plus i've been a part time paid teacher since oct in an indie school. I'm more worried about what the day will involve - i like to know what i'm preparing for - will i have to talk about my work to the interviewers only or a whole group of applicants? Will it be a group interview where i have to shine but not outshine? I HATE those!
    Problem is i did a degree in photography! i am back at college doing more art to build skills but am worried cos my work is at college level, not degree!
    BlahBlah Panic!
    What are they expecting of me? I haven't even started panicking about what to wear yet!

    I'm sure you are busy but i'm gonna leave my email address just incase. if you have any hints or info then please drop me a line - i'd love you forever and shower you with fictional gifts!

    Thanks again xxx monkey_26@talk21.com
  15. I did my PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University. Manchester is an amazing place to live with loads of stuff going on. The course is intense but one of the best in the country, it is seen as a more desirable place to gain a PGCE from than Birmingham (soz Brum graduates). The schools we were all placed at were good and selected carefully, all tutors were very supportive. I had spent a lot of time in hospital near the end of my course and they were very supportive, sorted out extensions for me and made sure i passed.
    Good luck with it all
  16. Thanks to everyone for their replies. Money will bhe a factor for me depending where (or if) I get accepted. London would be out for me. Brighton wouldn't be too expensive, would it?
  17. Brighton is far cheaper than London but still fairly pricey. I have put myself on the council housing list and can now bid for a flat if i require it - i think this is the best option for me.
    Halls are extortionate but you can pick up a room in a shared house for reasonable rates - just browse the web for student places, or maybe find some other pgce-ers for a flat share!
  18. Anybody been to any of these perchance?

    Bath Spa University,

    Birmingham UCE,




    Manchester Metropolitan,


    I need to narrow this lot down to a top 3.

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