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Where to begin??

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by emma396, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Sorry if i'm being very dim, but can anyone point me in the right direction of articles to read about teaching abroad. I've been thinking about it a while, but haven't thought that much about tax implications and what should be minimum offered by school to lure me away from the UK. I have 2 interviews lined up shortly.
    The first: School Type: High School

    Teaching Subject: Math

    Location: Central Taiwan?Yunlin

    Vacancies for : 2012/09/01

    Monthly Salary: NT$65,000/month

    Teaching Hours: 20~25/week

    Housing Stipend NT$ 2500 & Assisted by the school

    Air-Ticket & other benefits: To be announced during the interview.

    Paid vacation: Chinese new year paid holiday that falls either in January or February by Taiwanese law. (Weekend included)

    - Other Paid national holidays. (In accordance with the school?s calendar)

    - Nation laborer insurance and health insurance provided

    - Work permit & alien resident visa (ARC): Provided


    Second:package includes:

    . Up to £32K tax free pro rata

    . Accommodation allowance (AED 80,500) or company furnished accommodation

    . 3 year contract (3 months probation)

    . Arrival flights

    . Flight at the end of contract

    . Flight Allowance AED 7,000 AED per annum (teacher and dependents included) not including arrival and departure flights

    . Holiday

    . Medical insurance for teacher and dependents

    . Free education at BISAD for up to 2 children

    . End of service Gratuity

    . No baggage allowance

    Are those potential jobs looking fair? I am a maths teaching currently on M5 in the UK, no partner or children to take with me. Willing to go to most places, but concerned that the webpages don't have that much info, especially the Taiwan job.

    Thanks for any help or advice.
  2. How do i format it??? sorry folks!

    IAMBOG New commenter

    I''d never heard of Yunlin, so I looked at a map. It looks like you'll be a fair way from anything expat. There are some pretty crappy locations in Taiwan. If you are considering Taiwan I would stick with Taipei, Tainan, Taichung and Kaohsiung. These are the place that will provide you with a life.
    NT$65,000 seems a bit low for an international school (is this and international school?) I was earning NT$70,000 in an ESL school in 2002 (although is was a cracking salary for ESL at that time). That said, you would live quite well and there might be room for savings.

    IAMBOG New commenter

    The health insurance will probably be provided by the Taiwan health service which is good and efficient. I had two minor operations in Taipei and had no problems, although I had to pay a proportion of one of bills (140 pound).
    The way they phrased the holidays makes it sound like an ESL school. More worrying is the holidays they don't mention (easter, summer, etc).
  5. I agree. This sounds more like an ESL job rather than an International one and the package is average at best. If this is a case of getting a foot on the foreign teaching ladder why not, but if you are a qualified teacher and that you are not in a rush to go, I would hold out for something better.
  6. On second reading the second one doesn't actually sound too bad. You would need to fully research the school though before you sign on the dotted line.
    Regardless, seeing as you are a single female Maths teacher, you are in a much stronger position than, say, a Music teacher with dependents, and so I would still advise you to hold out for something better.
  7. Is it me, or does anyone else read Haddock's posts in a pirate accent?
    In fact, I get Tom Baker's voice when he played the legless captain planning to take Blackadder to wherever it was.
    Sorry to interrupt!

  8. The taiwan school, they refer to the school as a bilingual school, I will be teaching maths to 16-18yr old apparently... I agree with it being a little far out, I did say I'd prefer Kaohsiung or Taipei, but maybe it would encourage me to learn chinese and hang out with locals?? I'm chinese, and can't read or write chinese, and don't speak mandarin.... only cantonese.
  9. Try a Scottish one to get a more accurate idea of my voice. And it's haddok with a K not haddoCK. A wee bit like Thomson and Thompson.

  10. IAMBOG

    IAMBOG New commenter

    I'm pretty sure people in Yunlin don't speak mandarin. If you want to learn mandarin you need to be in Taipei. In central Taiwan it would be minnan (hokkien) and study options would be limited at best.
    You do have an advantage being Chinese in that you will likely to make friends quicker than the local white guy, however, many people will think it odd that you don't speak 'proper' Chinese.
    For me, the term 'bilingual school' screams ESL school, not international. Personally, having taught ESL in Taipei and Kaohsiung, I wouldn't take that job, firstly, because of the location, secondly, because I don't think it would progress a certified teacher's career.
  11. aslancaster

    aslancaster New commenter

    My reply is a little late but I'd be interested in hearing what you decided to do in the end, although I think I know. The school and package offered sound suspiciously like the school I work for. Though it sounds like they may have misled you...

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