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Where the Wild Things Are

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rosieandjim, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. rosieandjim

    rosieandjim New commenter

    For World Book Day we are not having a dress up day and are just doing activities based on a book, any book that we choose. I have never ben involved in a day like this before, so l am very stuck for ideas. I would like to do some activites based on "Where the Wild Things Are."
    I ahve a year 2 class. I thought we could design our own Wild Things and describe their characters. We could do a collage a wild thing. We ahve a fantastic outdoor area at school which l am sure that l should be able to use as part of the day's activites but l can't think what to do. It is an amazing woodland, but l am just drawing a blank of ideas. Would be really grateful for any help with ideas for the day adn especially how to maximise use of the woodland. Thank you.
  2. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    If you are doing a collage activity what about going outside to collect materials for your collage. You could not only collect twigs etc to stick onto your pictures, but you could get lots of texture rubbings from tree bark etc in different colours to use too.
  3. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Why not get them to build Max's tent in the woods - you could provide them with canes, willow, string, masking tape, scissors, bin bags, material, paper...... and they could work in groups to build the tent which has to be big enough for at least one child to sit in. The groups couldd have a competition to build the best tent!
    Have a wild rumpus! The children could choreograph the dance and accompany it with musical instruments!
    Could you hang some large wild things in the trees and use them for character work - either give the children a description of a character and they have to go and find it. Or you could give them all 5 or 6 stickers/post its and they have to write adjectives to describe wild things and stick them on, then allocate each child/group a wild thing, give them a clip board and pen and paper and they use adjectives to write a more detailed character profile (weather permitting of course!!)
    Build Max's boat out of large cardboard boxes!

  4. [​IMG] If the area isn't too large; what about making clues and hiding items for the children to find in small groups. They can be themed items that lead into a discussion about the book chosen?
  5. [​IMG] Sorry - you'd already said that.
  6. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Just had another thought!!
    I'm not sure how big the wood is or whats in it at this time of year, but you could get them to use materials from the wood to create the wild things setting. Either send children out with a tinfoil tray with compost ina nd they can build their setting in that, or give each group a large tray (grow bag tray maybe) and send them out with carrier bags to collect materials from the wood, which they bring back to class and use to create their setting. You could have things in class tehy could use too (or put out inthe wood!) such as gravel, pebbles, feathers, lollipop sticks... Then they could create clay wild things and Max to live in their setting!

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