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Where is the justice?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by alan1970, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. alan1970

    alan1970 New commenter


    An allegation has been against me by a female student. I was doing a morning lunchtime duty in the school canteen and this girl and her friends were being particularly disruptive. A school dinner lady and a female colleague of mine were having no luck in getting the girls to move on to their next lesson The bell for end of break ad rung.) I went across to support my colleagues. This girl was particularly rude and dismissive and my role. I held my arm out to stop her from running away in order that I could ask her name. She pushed into my arm and passed me. As she left the dining room I walked a few steps ahead and again attempted to block her way with my arm and I tried to explain that I needed to know her name. A deputy head was also on duty and I called her over for additional support. She told me to allow the girl to go because she is known to have behavioural issues and potentially could have 'blown up'.
    As the girl left the deputy stopped her and praised the girl for remaining calm and told me that she would deal with the issue. Today, I received a summons to the head's office and was handed a letter explaining that 'an allegation had been made' and such a formal investigation has now been started.
    What rights do I as a teacher have to counter the allegation because I know (along with my duty colleague) that I am innocent and acted completely appropriately at all times.
    Can I also pursue my own grievance procedure against the school for what is slanderous, misrepresentation and simply an act by the female student and/or parents to cause me to lose my reputation and as such my job?

    Any thoughts?

  2. sarah_dann1

    sarah_dann1 Occasional commenter TES Behaviour peer advisor

    Hi Alan,

    I am sorry you are in this situation. I think it would be very difficult for us to give advice here as we are removed from the incident and environment of your school.

    I suggest you get in touch with your union immediately and ask for someone to accompany you at the meetings. They will be able to give you the correct advice separately from anyone involved at the school.

    I would also refrain from discussing it with other members of staff. I hope you can get that support in place and that the incident can be resolved appropriately.
    alan1970 and pepper5 like this.
  3. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    All you can do at this stage is get in contact with your union ASAP and as Sarah says don't discuss the matter with your colleagues.

    The main thing to remember is to stsy calm and stick to the facts. The thing you have in your favour is that there were witnesses. The dinner lady, your colleague and the deputy head.

    Speak to your union and be guided by their advice. From what you describe, it does not sound like you acted in a manner to warrant losing your job. Try not to worry and trust this matter is resolved quickly.

    Once it is resolved which I think it will be, learn from it. Next time, assist your colleagues if you can, but don't try to hold back students. It isn't worth it and if you need to report a pupil, you can get their names from photos.
  4. alan1970

    alan1970 New commenter

    Thanks to both your comments. I had the initial investigation interview today. Whilst there has been no feed back (which is obviously understandable), I was, as suggested; supported by my nasuwt rep and I was factual and appropriate in response. I should find out by end of the day tomorrow.
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  5. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    I am glad it looks as though the matter will be resolved with a minimum of fuss.

    In teaching, you have to be on your guard most of the time when working with some students as you have experienced already. I am sure you have learnt something from this episode and thanks for posting, as others read these threads and will also learn.
    sabrinakat likes this.
  6. sarah_dann1

    sarah_dann1 Occasional commenter TES Behaviour peer advisor

    Glad to hear it is being dealt with quickly and you have been able to get someone straight in to support you.

    Keep us posted. Good luck.
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