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Where is our coursework edexcel

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by walshj77, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Everyone has edexcel coursework back? We have unit 2 but not 1 back. Should we panic? What's happened
    To it? Is it getting seen by someone else?
  2. Everyone has edexcel coursework back? We have unit 2 but not 1 back. Should we panic? What's happened
    To it? Is it getting seen by someone else?
  3. We are in the same position.. Still waiting for unit 1? Strange!!!
  4. There are two possibiliies: Edexcel still have it because they need work for the Awarding Meetings to set the grade boundaries. Nothing to worry about if this is the case as it simply means you have work in the right mark ranges. However, if this is the case, you should have been notified. Alternative suggestion: you moderator hasn't returned it to you yet. I know of one moderator who is on holiday at the moment and won't return stuff until September as nothing is allowed to go back early.
  5. Do you think it could mean we might need to send more samples?

    We finish school on Thursday!!!! Arrrggghh.
  6. I've only had mine back this week - the Unit 2 stuff came today. I wish there was some way of knowing if it was ok or whether it had been scaled! :(
  7. I know crunchy nut. I agree! I rang edexcel today and was put on hold for a while and they assure me the coursework is still being sent out and back to people. I asked if there had been any problem and they said no. Ho Hummm...still nothing today. Bizarre!!!! Does anyone think we could be asked for more samples now? We finish school tomorrow!!!
  8. I wouldn't have thought so. They know schools close this week - I think it would be extremely unlikely. The moderators on here probably know the dates better but if it's being sent back I'd guess the moderation period is probably over and we'd have been asked by now.
  9. Just wish we knew!!!!!! August is a while away!!!

    Hope its all ok and we don't have armageddon like we did with AS!!
  10. I'm absolutely dreading it! GCSE for the obvious reasons - new spec and unknown, AS as our examiners have beena bit inconsistent over the last couple of years and I don't know what to expect, and A2 because we have some Unit 2 re-sits for the first time ever and I have no idea how they did in Unit 4. Just dreading it! Ugh! Wish we knew before the summer.
  11. dande

    dande New commenter

    As a moderator for unit 1, the date to return coursework back to centres was July 11th. All coursework should have been returned over the course of that week, unless it has been passed up the line for 'awarding' purposes or perhaps if there was some significant issue regarding the centre. By this I mean more than just the marks being adjusted. If work has been passed up the line then a cover letter should have been sent to centres.
    The deadline for moderation of all work and entering marks on the Edexcel system was 21st June. If the moderator needed more samples they would have known around then. Even if the moderator was running behind I am sure that they would not be allowed to be a whole month late. If work had been passed up the line I would still be surprised if there were any more requests for additional samples much beyond the beginning of July except in exceptional circumstances. The moderator only moderates some of the work sent to them. If marks are out of tolerance then the moderator then looks at the whole sample. They are not likely to request more unless you did not send the highest/lowest candidate.
    Personally I wouldn't fret. It may well be sitting with your exams officer or headteacher (as addressed from the labels supplied by Edexcel.)
  12. You can access the results of your moderation through your Edexcel online account. If you don't have a password your exams officer will. As someone else has mentioned, the moderation deadline has long gone so I would imagine it's just that the work hasn't been returned. If the sample had failed they would have asked you for more work and/or informed you of the issue before now. I'm still waiting for coursework back from May.....
  13. dande

    dande New commenter

    I would assume that this information would not be available until the results are released in August as it part of the whole process.
    What coursework is this?
  14. My EV reports are on there already, I was referring to the 'results' of moderation not to student grades. Are we talking about GCSE or BTEC? I don't teach the former but obviously 'Unit 1' and 'Unit 2' exist in both.

    Coursework that was sent off for my BTEC Level 2 and 3 programmes.
  15. dande

    dande New commenter

    I was referring to GCSE which is what I believe the OP was about rather than BTEC. I assume the procedures are somewhat different for BTEC.
  16. Yes they are but we still send large quantities of work off and I am one of many HoD's still waiting for coursework to be returned after the moderators have agreed the qualities of samples and released the courses. The process of the samples being agreed before a given deadline to meet standards I believe is the same. I'm simply implying that I believe the OP has nothing to worry about, they would have been contacted if there was an issue since the deadline has gone. Anything this urgent would surely have been actioned by Edexcel.
  17. I haven't had my Unit 1 back from the moderator. I've received Unit 2 though.

    It's a nice feeling to have this hanging over our head for the summer.....
  18. dande

    dande New commenter

    Why is it hanging over your head for the summer? The coursework is simply that - the stuff that you sent to the moderator. There should be no indication of what the moderator thinks.
    Relax and enjoy the time before you have to start thinking about next year.
  19. Because as a new HoD I would have liked all coursework back and it is a little unnerving for me that one Unit has been returned and not the other. There is no communication to say it will be returned shortly or it has been delayed (let alone no communication to say it was received in the first place).

    Furthermore, I'm leaving teaching this year and wanted to all sorted to pass on to the next HoD.
  20. dande

    dande New commenter

    That's fair enough. Do you not have contact details for your moderator?

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