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Where is age 60 a bar?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by tesolmath, May 13, 2018.

  1. tesolmath

    tesolmath New commenter

    Greetings, All!

    I am a Yank double-qualified in TESOL and Secondary Mathematics. I am about to receive demobilization and end of contract as a 60th birthday present from my current employer. Age seems increasingly to be a bar in much of Asia. Where, at three score plus, do we remain employable in the field of International Education?

    Thanks for any consideration!

  2. tesolmath

    tesolmath New commenter

    I found a slightly dated survey in the free section of another web site:


    In summary, many places have formal and informal age limits. These can sometimes be overcome by special considerations of one kind or another. Several sources report that even in the UK it is often difficult to secure employment 55+. Similar reports are given for the US and NZ.

    Where is there work past six-oh?

    It is reported at the above link that these six nations may have no age restrictions:

    Cambodia 65?
    Czech Republic- employs over 60s
    Taiwan: Some report being hired in 60s;
    Japan 65
    Singapore: by law 70; by practice 60 or 65 limit
    South Korea: lose some benefits at 60; reported no legal limitation to 65 or 70

    China - generally 60 with exceptions for highly sought after
    Malaysia: commonly a social bar at 50 but no legal bar to extention past 60 - if a school wants you
    Thailand: May not get interviews after 55 at some schools; if working past 60 may lose benefits or receive lower pay
    Vietnam: social limits exist; many schools will not interview past 55; some report being hired in their mid to late 60s
    Middle East: Many will not offer past 55; 60 ban for most; Saudi seems to be an exception - if they want you
  3. englishdragon

    englishdragon Occasional commenter

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  4. tesolmath

    tesolmath New commenter


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