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where in britain are you doing supply work?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by saffythedog, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. I've been teaching supply in London since September and now have a maternity cover from January til July which I had to compete with quite a few people to get. I had a pretty good run from Sept to December but I think I was very lucky, I had a week here and a week there, a 6-week job, all in different schools from the best private to the worst state school. It depends on your subject, I'm MFL and if someone is signed off sick for more than a week, or ongoing, then they really need to get a linguist in to cover. Good luck and let me know if you need any advice on the best agencies (and the ones to avoid).
  2. Been doing secondary supply in Leeds/West Yorkshire for about 5 years now. The last term was the quietest by far. Mainly I think down to agencies now providing cover supervisers. Agencies will ask you to work as a cover superviser. I haven't because it's less than half pay.
    Day to day work will probably keep reducing. The best way to avoid penury is to seek out term or two term posts in your specialism.
    Good luck
  3. I am afraid that London seems to be completely dead. Although being a maths and science specialist, I got nothing at all, last term.
  4. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    <u>I am afraid that London seems to be completely dead. Although being a
    maths and science specialist, I got nothing at all, last term.
    I am surprised as we are led to believe that there is plenty of work in London and the midland cities also.

  5. I am sorry to disillusion you, Penny. However, as I have said before (many, many times.....for Round the Horn fans), since last June, I have signed up with about fifteen agencies, covering all of London as well as Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. To date, none of them has found me any work at all, or even called me up, asking if I am available. On some days, last term, I was making up to a dozen phone calls in the morning and the same amount in the late afternoon, calling up these agencies only to be told something like 'it is quiet at the moment'.

    Like you, I thought that London would be a better prospect for work, especially given that I am a maths and science teacher with lots of SEN experience: however, it seems that I was wrong.
    One of the more candid agencies did tell that, being in my mid-fifties did not help, as schools tended not to what older, more experienced staff, even for daily supply.
  6. <u>

    so they wouldnt want an experienced teacher? rather than a newly qualified? thats crazy

    I am primary trained in ey/ks1 so would hope to get cover in primary schools, but everything you all say makes it seem abit hopeless.

  7. saffythedog- i would love any advice on what you think are good supply agencies in london. any advice from anyone on supply would be more than welcome! thankyou
  8. Just FYI: I'm 40, with 10 years teaching experience, came back from working abroad in summer 2010. I had a 3-week sick cover at a large state school in central London in Sept, then an ongoing sick cover at a state school in North London, then a couple of short day-to-day covers in 2 schools in East London, then in December up til the end of term I had a sick cover in a private school in the City. Now maternity cover in North London. The agencies that found me work were: Smartteachers, Destination, Step Teachers, Connaught and GSL. Some were better than others but to be honest I was just so grateful for any work they could get me. My advice is to always stay on the right side of your consultant, be friendly, flexible and willing (never complain), when you go into a school be smiley and enthusiastic and say how wonderful you think the school is (even if it's sh** and you hate it). It's essential you get good feedback from the school or they will put you at the bottom of their list for future bookings. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a permanent job for Sept or I will think about going abroad again.

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