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Where have all the jobs gone?

Discussion in 'Independent' started by lily_the_pink, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. lily_the_pink

    lily_the_pink New commenter

    I've been working in state for 2 years now and am trying to get into the private sector (I was privately educated). I feel very much like I'm at a major disadvantage when applying for jobs because I've not been in a private school as a teacher yet. There don't seem to be many jobs about either. If I want to move for September I have to hand my notice in by the end of May.
    Can I expect to see a surge of indy school jobs before then? I'm not sure what the yearly timetable is like, and am feeling severely downhearted about my job search...
  2. FSharp

    FSharp New commenter

    I am lucky enough to be in an independent school but I was not in private education myself. I have found it very hard to find another independent school as many teachers are not moving.

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