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Where do you buy your maternity clothes from?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by FoundationStage!, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. I am 10+2 and already have a sizeable bump. I haven't been able to fit into any of my trousers for ages. I last wore my jeans at 5 weeks and they were painfully tight - that was the last time I had spotting although no idea if it was related...
    I normally wear dresses and Gok Wan says wrap dresses are best for my small boobs and pear shape. I love the JoJo Maman Bebe wrap tops, tunics and dresses so think I will buy a variety of those for maternity to nursing in a range of colours.
    I am 5'9" with big hips and fat thighs (10 on top, 14 bottom) so it is a struggle to find decent trousers at the best of times. Can anyone recommend a good place for nice maternity clothes? I think I should buy over the bump jeans and trousers as baby is due in January and I am a nursery teacher who spends every other week teaching outdoors. I want to keep my bump snug and warm!
    Thank you! [​IMG]
  2. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Loads of places to try from (obvious i know!) will start a list in a mo, but my biggest advice is TRY IT ON!!! Sounds obvious but i got very frustrated with internet shopping as i would order things in size i was told to buy and then when they arrived they were either too big/too small , then i had the faff of sending them back. What i did this time round was go to a big shopping town/city and just shopped till i dropped!!
    Place i've bought maternity from....
    New Look
    Dorothy Perkins
    Pumpkin Patch
    Mamas and Papas
    Heavenly Bump (online only, but sizing v good....heavenlybump.co.uk....i think!)

    can't think of anymore for the mo, but there's bound to be!
    I've also bought quite a few 'normal' tops this year from Matalan which seem to have growing room in them!
    Hope that helps
  3. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    thought of another one already....Red Herring at Debenhams
  4. Ebay! I have bought absolutely everything I need from there and much cheaper than shops too. Maternity clothes seem to vastly more expensive than 'normal' clothes. I have bought a few things from pumpkin patch too. I think they have a sale on at the moment. I find that their clothes are far more comfortable. Next maternity jeans seem to be really tight around the legs.
  5. I bought a big bundle from ebay and then supplemented it from Next, H&M and Debenhams. I used bump bands mainly to start with and did my jeans up using a hair band through and round the button. I also brought lots of vest tops which I wore under non-maternity tops as they covered my bump fully (I also wear them now for breast feeding as the top bit pulls down nicely and with a top over the top means I can cover all my wobbly bits!) I had my LO in January this year and lived in my over the bump jeans throughout November and December. I also bought a couple of cheap men sized fleeces which kept me warm throughout the winter and I've now passed on to my OH (he got fed up of me borrowing his fleeces!)
  6. Not really got a bump yet, but have bought a few things in preparation. The topshop maternity jeans were good for me, and for work wear I have bought 3 French connection maternity dresses and some French connection maternity trousers. Got these on asos.com, not too expensive as there is a sale on at the moment and will sell on eBay once I'm finished with them. Asos have their own maternity range which is good too. I'm too tired and sicky to shop so have found Internet shopping a godsend!
  7. Thanks for your replies! I just had a very frustrating shopping experience. Tried on Dorothy Perkins maternity jeans and all too short on the legs and baggy around my bump. I guess it's too soon for me then... Went to New Look and asked a girl if they had maternity trousers. She said, "No we don't but you could try our Inspire range which has larger sizes". I wanted to punch her. However I found some size 14 elasticated waist long linen trousers which will do for the next month or two. Bought blue for work and white for home (never wear white at nursery!). I shall scour the shops you have listed for suitable clothes for when bump is bigger. Do I seriously just look fat?! My belly is protruding outwards only towards the front. My Mum also suggested Matalan and I'll go there in a couple of weeks. Roll on, payday!
  8. I hate shopping with a passion so set myself a budget, sat down with the Next website and had everything delivered the next day! I thought their stuff was great, and more reasonably priced that their normal ranges, if you see what I mean.
    For the in between stage you can wear a bump band or just tinker with the fastenings on your trousers if you're handy with a needle and thread?! Some 'normal' jumpers and long shirts were ok too if they're empire line, I bought some cheap stuff from supermarkets in a couple of sizes bigger than my normal which did me until about 6 or 7 months I think.
    JoJo Maman Bebe was fab for trousers for me but I'm fairly short so may not be any good for you if DP trousers were too short.
  9. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    For the 'in between' stage (my bump showed really quick, I looked really bloated), I bought a couple of pairs of maternity leggings from M&S for £12 I think and wore with long tops- not maternity but they were the right shape as gathered under the bust and didn't cling on the tummy. Also bought a couple of cheap pairs of linen trousers with elastic panels, not maternity but stretchy, from Primark. My school is quite casual and it was the summer term so these were ideal. Then by about 14 weeks I was in proper maternity clothes as I hate being uncomfortable in clothes. I got a bundle on ebay, resold the bits I didn't like and got more money back than I paid for the original bundle! Blooming marvellous had an amazing sale so I got a few bits when they closed down. New look jeans are great too.
    Beware going to shops like Jojo Maman Bebe, Mamas and Papas etc if you don't want to spend a fortune... yes the clothes are lovely, and great for a special occasion, but I could have spent £100s on maternity wear easily as I was SO excited to be pregnant and had to rein myself in! I do have a nice little collection of mat clothes now that can be used again next time around [​IMG] Happy shopping x
  10. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    I bought almost everything from Ebay too! I got lots of Dorothy Perkins, Next and Marks and Spencers clothes. I also got two dresses from Mothercare for weddings etc. that I wore through my whole pregnancy!
  11. Thanks ladies, that is food for thought! I too hate clothes shopping but love being pregnant! I had a horrible time trying to buy maternity trousers today - can't remember if I mentioned that before? I already have baby brain at 10 weeks! I bought stretchy New Look linen trousers which will have to do for now. I have lots of empire line tops but need longer ones as these trousers are low rise compared to my normal ones and my tight tops give it away! Don't want the parents at school to find out for another two weeks. Can't wait for 12 weeks, I am constantly on edge but try to be positive...
    Will have a quick look for eBay size 14 bundles now! I know what you mean about wanting everything now I'm pregnant, Kitten. My wish list is well beyond my means xxx
  12. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    In my 1st pregnancy i showed quite late so just wore leggings and long, loose tops (non maternity) and got a couple of maternity dresses and one pair of maternity trousers from Mothercare.
    In my 2nd pregnancy i showed very early on so treated myself to some nice clothes - a dress and leggings from Mamas & Papas, a couple of dresses from jojomamanbébé, some tops from H&M and i also borrowed some things from a friend from New Look and Red Herring. They are still useful now - my daughter is a month old and my boobs are huge and i can't fit into most of my old clothes!
  13. Chica, I hope my boobs will be huge - then I will be in proportion for once instead of being pear shaped!
  14. Advice from another reluctant shopper: Apart from bits and bobs from Mothercare (jeans) and Dorothy Perkins online (tops and leggings), my best buy for school were Marks and Spencer's Wide Leg Plain Stretch Trousers which come in a variety of colours and lengths and can be worn under, on, or over the bump, depending on which you find most comfortable. They also do Pinstripe and Pleated Front ones, which I also bought. I wore these with longer length vest tops and crossover tops/cardigans until I went on maternity leave! Don't be put off by having to venture into the Old Lady section of M&S to buy them! These trousers were a real lifesaver for me. http://www.marksandspencer.com/Wide-Leg-Plain-Stretch-Trousers/dp/B004ECQ1DA?ie=UTF8&ref=sr_1_1&nodeId=43098030&sr=1-1&qid=1307961203
    Another thing I struggled with was nightwear. As a pyjama-wearer, I couldn't find PJ bottoms which were comfortable around the waist. Luckily, I found Peacock's Yoga Pants which have a loose, wide, fold-down waistband (which can be worn unfolded as bump gets bigger!). These are on sale for £5.60 each at the moment (and delivery is £1!) and come in a variety of colours. http://www.peacocks.co.uk/product/index.jsp?productId=4619211&prodFindSrc=paramNav
    Hope this helps and happy shopping.
    N (36+6)
  15. Thanks so much, Natrap! Can't wait for payday [​IMG]
  16. I bought similar yoga pants in Sainsburys which were a life saver for after the birth, especially as I had a C-Section. I think that's also where I bought some longish shirts that we're ok for work.
  17. I am watching lots of items on eBay now - thanks for the tips! I find bargains much more rewarding than new buys. I recently bought a more than half price Karen Millen bag using Christmas money purely because of the label and the huge reduction. I am not that keen on the bag, there was a Biba one I loved but it was too heavy - possibly a stupid mistake?!
  18. Foundation Stage- just want to say congrats and fingers crossed for you. Remember from another thread you had a very hard time so I'm so happy for you.
  19. Thanks, Steph! That is so lovely of you [​IMG]
  20. I'm currently dressed head to toe in Topshop maternity stuff I bought off ebay! I've recently bought 2 pairs of Topshop maternity jeans for £3.50 and £9.50 (worth £40 a pair!), a lovely blouse for £9, a dress for £20 (worth £50) and a black pencil skirt for £2!! I've also bought a fair bit on the ASOS maternity sale section, including 2 gorgeous French connection dresses worth £80 each for £25 each! They can also be worn as non maternity so bargainous! Happy shopping! [​IMG]

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