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Where do you buy your calculators from?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by shazgo, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Another vote for Integrity Services here - we use the Sharp ELW-531 and get them for £4.19 each. Recently orders of 30 or more (approx) received a free emulator we could use on our laptops with the IWB which is excellent for demonstrating them to the students.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I wouldn't have otherwise been aware of their offers and would certainly not have enquired further!
  3. Shazgo, and others, how do you find the Sharp ELW-531B with it not being solar-powered?
  4. (Still wheeling-and-dealing...) Adam, same question about the 83GT+ do you not find it a problem with replacing batteries? My faculty have had bad experiences and would rather I go for a solar, so I'm looking at the Casio 85GT+ which are more expensive.
  5. The current version hasnt been round long enough to die yet (FX83) but the 82 generally lasted 2 years from experience BUT and its a big but...most either got broken or stolen before they died.
    The solar-powered worked out about 2 quid more and for general use didnt make it worth it. 4-5 a unit makes them more disposable
  6. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    We've never sold solar calculators and have never had any problems with batteries running low. They are easily replaceable but that's up to the students and their parents to fix. The students seem genuinely happy with them.
  7. No problems with batteries here either. In fact the students seem AMAZED by the concept that they could buy new batteries and instead tend to buy a new calculator when the batteries run out. Often by then, there is a new improved model out anyway.
    Thinking about it - the batteries rarely run out as the students tend to leave their calculators safely at home most days. "You didn't say we would need a calculator, Miss" That's because I thought it was obvious they would need a calculator for a MATHS lesson........
  8. I need a class set for each teacher and a set for the exam hall, we'll only sell a few unless I make a move to change that (which I hope to, just not in my first year). Saying that, the damage and theft is minimal, even with the highly-tempting rubber band on the ones we currently use.
  9. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    top tip - find out now what the school sells to Year 6 students. we do a pencilcase with all of the equipment that they need, alongside the PE kit, tie etc etc. If you can convince Year 6 parents to fork out £5 or £6 for a new calculator before September that's more than half the battle won! Not as much need for class sets then!
    (And don't get me started on sets for exams - we refuse to lend out calculators for exams and it causes no end of screaming from parents - who have known for 5 years that their darlings aren't bringing in the equipment they need!)
  10. Adam, are you not under any pressure to remove any barriers which may be stopping students from doing their best in exams?
  11. DM

    DM New commenter

    adam is my hero. Same policy here in all mocks but we relax it in exams but don't tell them in advance.
  12. Monday, "Sir, I've forgotten my book."
    Tuesday, " Forgot my calculator thingy"
    Wednesday, "Got no pen or pencil. Give us one! Mister"
    Thursday, " That calcylater you gave me is broke. Its your fault if I fail. You useless t..t!!"
    Friday,Parent rings to complain that the school is failing its pupils
    Monday Pupil sits exam and has no clue what to do with the calculator which the exam supervisor lends him/her. Spends 2 hours levering off the keys and breaking the screen.

    I just find it a slippery slope and all too indicative of the problems we are facing at the moment.

    I don't mind too much if I end up buying calculators to sell on to pupils but am still drawing the line at buying them for each classroom. (Even then, I don't feel that being a calculator seller is a particularly efficient use of my time.) When I do lend a few calculators to 11c3 most of them can't get the correct answer to 23 x 76 because they are dyspraxic!

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