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Where do i start with planning?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by aivilo1234, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    So i just got my first teaching job as an NQT and i am starting to panic!

    Firstly I am teaching year 1 and hoping for some top tips as i have never taught in year 1 before.
    But i am also starting to think about planning however have no idea where to start! Of course i have done planning before but usually always with guidance from my mentor or working from long term plans. I think i am getting copies of the current year 1 teachers plans from which to base my own planning but would really like some advice of how to start with this basically.
    Thanks all!
  2. Hi There!

    That makes two of us! I'm starting with a very hard Year 5 class who are renowned around the school for their bad behaviour. Same request for help really! Where do I start with planning?

  3. Your school should have long term plans to work from. Other than that find out if your school uses the frameworks for literacy and/or maths or prefers you to use a particular scheme e.g. Abacus etc. Failing that you should have a copy of the National Curriculum in front of you which is the legal framework until this gov revise it. If you are totally stuck a number of county councils have some planning - lancs, cumbria etc just Google planning for appropriate subject for your year group. Or you could subscribe to Hamilton (about £12 per year I think), although you will need to be cautious with this as some of it is not so great.

  4. I'd second this - I personally like the literacy frameworks (even though they're now archived) as they're helpful for pacing out units of work, though I imagine that's the sort of thing you get better at doing with experience anyway.
    I've said this on another thread but I also love the Cumbria Grid for Learning Maths planning and activties!

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