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Where can I get a good microscope from, for a good price?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by thedancingqueen, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. I'm a trainee and am willing to buy a fairly cheap microscope with my own money, so that I can look closely at the parts of plants on placement. I know my placement class fairly well now and have a feeling that it will be really effective. The school doesn't have one. I don't buy many resources but when I think it'll improve my teaching and benefit the kids, I have no problem with spending a bit of money now and again, especially when my lessons are being observed by the head and deputy head regularly. I'm not teaching the topic until after easter however I want to be prepared and get one asap. I want a microscope which is less than £40 even though I know the quality may be compromised. I want it to be less than that if possible but still decent/reasonable quality. I want a microscope which will plug into my laptop. Can be hand held. I want the image to be projected on the board so children can get a good look. They'll be dissecting flowers themselves too.

    People sometimes say that trainees shouldn't buy resources. I normally use what the school has but this school has little science equipment. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. wellingtonboot

    wellingtonboot New commenter

    Before you go spending your money, has the school got a video camera which you could use just as effectively?
  3. Digital Blue QX5 is a good microscope that would do everything you want - but it probably costs more like £70 or £80, and that would be if you could find a supplier as it is several years old now. It would be worth asking at your school if they've got one or two in the back of a cupboard somewhere because a few years ago all schools were given them (don't ask me where from).
    Alternatively, if your school has IWBs, might they already have a visualiser, or consider getting one? They are incredibly useful for magnifying anything onto the IWB - including books, children's work etc, and would have a much wider use than a microscope. It would do the job of magnifying plant parts too, and in some ways might be preferable because the children would see how you'd got the different parts out of the flower - ie see the context, and see in detail how to dissect the flower.
    It's the end of the financial year - it might be worth asking if there's any spare money.

  4. Yeah, I'm going to have a good look at all of the school resources before I buy anything. Just looking online for some possibilities. I've found:
    But I know nothing about how good it is and I'm not keen on paying so much, even though good microscopes are obviously going to cost quite a bit. Would it be better to get a hand-held one if I'm using it to look at the different parts of flowering plants? If anyone could give me any recommendations, I'd really appreciate it and preferably ones which aren't too expensive. I'm only a student. Thanks.
  5. http://www.primaryict.co.uk/tts-easi-scope_el00015_1802.htm
    Has anyone used this before please? I've never used a microscope in school before so I have no idea which models are better than others, although like I've said I'm not keen on spending too much. Again, I'm going to find out what the school have but I want to have one to keep in mind incase it is necessary for me to get one. Thanks.
  6. The classroom has a promethean activboard but I am not sure if it has a visualiser or what one is really. I need to spend some time using it and reminding myself how to use a whiteboard since it's been a year since my last teaching placement. An interesting suggestion and I'll look into it,
  7. HI, My name is Lalita and I work within TTS. The Easi Scope microscope you have seen is fantastic.Its easy to use , great magnification, suitable for all key stages, and is only £34.95.
    It connects via usb to your lap top/IWB and you can take stills on this too. Check out the website to see more. www.tts-group.co.uk
    We aslo have a very economically priced visualiser, if you decide to go down that route?
    Ring me if you need more info .I am on 07538 579 393.
  8. What is a visualiser? It feels like a lot of money when it would be coming from my own pocket. I'm going to thoroughly check out what the school has first.

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