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Where can I get a copy of 'Out Of Control'?

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by mushroomofjoy, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. I really want to get a copy of the 2002 BBC drama Out Of Control (about the young offenders) to show to a class, but it's impossible to find!
    Does anyone know where I might get a copy, or does anyone have a copy they no longer need?
  2. Have you tried the Prison Me, No way! website? There's a clip of it on there and links to buy the resources.
  3. aha! thank you very much!
  4. Hi There - hope you don't mind me butting in here but was wondering if anyone knew of any where else you can get hold of this drama? £50 is an awful lot of money .......

  5. It's on youtube. Beginning is missing apparently. Haven't watched it yet. What age group do you think it's suitable for? Looked to me like post 16
  6. I believe its an 'E' certification for Educational purposes.
    I have found it very useful and use it for Year 9 and upwards, as a rule (but have used it with Yr 8's, where appropriate, but I don't show the outcome for the lad in YO).
    I always introduce and discuss the film as part of the lesson though, and explain to students the nature of the film and why it uses bad language. (Obviously, the language is used to try to make it more authentic, but more interestingly, it comes about due to the fact that although the drama had a storyline, the actors weren't given a script, but asked to improvise and use the language they felt suited the situation and characters.) I find that once given the explanation, they approach the film and content in a mature way.
  7. hi guys, does any body know where i can get a copy of Out Of Control. i have been on youtube and it looks like it has been removed. i have serched everywhere and cant seem to find it. cant even seem to find it on dvd if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

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