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Where can i buy a treasure chest with treasure? (not online)

Discussion in 'Personal' started by foresta, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Define real[​IMG]
  2. You get get chest style boxes in TKMaxx and fill it with lots of junk from any cheapy shop.
  3. Sorry replied to wrong q..
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Navigate your way to River Island then look for a big X on the floor?
  5. Hi Airy, I was in there today and did see some chest style boxes. I think this will definately be an option. It's the treasure that i'm struggling with. It's for an interview lesson. The children are to think of describing words for the treasure so I need some things that offer lots of different words.

  6. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    can you find a pirate about die and ask him if he needs his old treasure chest any more?
  7. Christmas tat that's on sale or rummage in charity shops for junk (ask as they sometimes bin stuff like broken jewellery or old metalware teapots and candlesticks). Add in some really odd things and make them think about why it's treasure too.
  8. Thanks Airy.
    I only have 20 minutes to do my lesson. I have to use visual stimulus for a writing activity. I am going to tell them a little story about my going for a walk on a beach and finding a treasure map. (I'm going to make a treasure map with tea bags) so they can see it. I will tell the children that I followed the map to the X and found some treaure. I will show them the treasure chest and reveal the treasure. I will then ask them to talk to a partner to think of three describing words to describe the treaure. I will get their ideas and then will give the children a card each and ask them to choose a describing word and they will be placed around the treasure chest. I will then have a sentence on the board for e.g. I found some treasure. We will then use the describing words to improve the sentence and make it more exciting and also extend the sentence for the higher ability.

    Do you think this sounds ok?

  9. Hobbycraft sell the papier mache chests that you paint yourself. They also have bags of gold coins (only plastic, alas) in their "party goods" aisles.
    C x
  10. Thank you Cathy. :)
  11. I'd skip the map bit and focus on the treasure and activity. I'd also change the sentence so that you can talk about individual items of treasure. Not sure what age group this is but thinking up one adjective and using it in a modelled sentence doesn't seem like a WRITING activity to me but more just vocab. Once you have shared the different words could they not write a short paragraph describing two or three different items?
  12. It's Year 2 so they wouldn't be able to manage all that writing. Plus I only have 20 minutes so there isn't an awful lot they can do in that time. x
  13. Year 2 can manage to write a sentence though! Or higher ability can write more than 1 especially if working in pairs. Ask who lower ability are so you can support them in writing or provide them with a word bank made from their discussion. 5 mins sentence writing is all that is needed to show you have high expectations and keep your lesson at a pace where learning to put talk into writing happens quickly.
    Good luck [​IMG]
  14. That makes a difference - I was thinking older!
  15. you can buy treasure chest pinatas in sainsburys - great idea by the way - good luck


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