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Where are all the HLTA jobs?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by pinkdiamond90, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Are there any HLTA jobs out there? Qualified last year after also passing the STA - can't find any jobs out there. My HT couldn't promise a HLTA post when I went on the course, but it seems the jobs are like hens teeth!!
  2. Hello Pinkdiamond,

    I have been looking a lot longer than you!. In the south east where I live they are extremely rare and when i did manage to get an interview for one it turned out what they really wanted was a cheap supply teacher.

    My HT sounds the same as yours, happy to have an HLTA on the staff but not prepared to pay for an HLTA position.

    Good luck with the job hunting


  3. I was asked if I would like to take the status, and that I would be given all the support necessary. I am glad I did not because I have seen how hard the one HLTA works.How non-supportive the staff are. The school has not advertised for HLTAs although I think that might change next year as one of the teachers who covers PPA time is on maternity leave and the school will need to save money.
  4. I think headteachers generally take on HLTAs that are known to them, and possibly 'homegrown' hence the lack of job adverts for these posts - possibly this will change in the future. I went down the HLTA route and was told that there would be no guarentee of a HLTA role in the school, however a little while after I gained the status the school changed its mind and decided to appoint an HLTA. It is probably better to get the status and then see what happens
  5. Clockface, Since qualifying as an HLTA have you ever had work at the higher status given to you, and if so have you done it at the same salary as a TA? Indeed, do your teacher colleagues regard you as having the higher status but understand that you are still being paid as a TA? I ask because I'm concerned that if I take a (specialist) HLTA
  6. Sorry, digit problems! I go on to say - "course then I will be expected to work at the higher level given that a teacher would have mentored me through the course, taking them away from their timetable"
  7. No, I've only had to do higher level work when employed in that role. Generally, teaching staff are supportive and I do get paid all my hours as an HLTA, although I have met lots of people who only get paid a bit extra for certain hours. Also I can't say that my mentor 'lost' any hours from their timetable, as I did almost everything myself. But I'm in primary so it may be different for a specialist role.
  8. Underachiever

    Underachiever New commenter

    The short answer is they are being done by TAs at lower rates o pay.
  9. I gained my HLTA status years ago. I was led to believe that the school would not have any HLTA jobs however they gave promotion to TA's which in effect were HLTA posts. These TA,s didnot have the required experience or qualifications which I have. They were given more resposibilties and a slight increase in pay. To add insult to injury they were ranked above me. I finally saw sense and left, a shame it was a great school and I was very happy there.

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